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Thursday, July 17, 2008

A year ago in Italy

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Days 18-20 have come and gone also. Nothing new. Ordered some more medication. And a safe sharps disposal box for needles. Other than that, not much to report.
Per the request of several friends, I decided to post my pics from my trip to Italy last summer with Amy. Most of you will recall that I spent 2 weeks in Ukraine teaching English and then Amy and I spent about 6 days in Italy on our return trip. As I look back, I realize how lucky I was, not only to go on such a trip, but to go with my best friend. I know that some girls get to do trips with their girlfriends after being married, but most never get to do one like this. It was such a fantastic trip and the person I would most want to adventure with (besides my Joey), is of course, my BFF, Amy. So...without futher ado...here are some highlights from our tour of Italy.

This is Amy in Sorrento eating some gelato moments after we arrived. Look at all those Hydrangeas! Aren't they incredible?

This is where we ate breakfast at our hotel. It was right on the coast and BREATHTAKING! I can't imagine a more beautiful place!

Taking pics of the cliffs. SIGH....

A picturesque square down the street.

More of the beautiful square

Taking a walk down to the ocean.

All around Sorrento and Pompeii there were stands making fresh lemonade, orange juice, slushes, etc. Look how big the lemons are! As big as my head!

Inside Pompeii ruins

Pompeii and Mt. Vesuvius. They say the mountain is less than half the size it was before the eruption that obliterated the city.

Me and Amy in Pompeii

a preserved body in Pompeii...one of 6 in the world

A lone picture in Florence. It was a whirlwind day of shopping and arting, but wonderful none the less!

Throw a coin in Trevi Fountain and insure your trip to the eternal city!

The Pantheon

Yummy! Carbonara at my favorite place in Rome! Becky, you remember this place down by the Vatican?

The Pieta...one of the greatest sculptures ever created

The Mouth of Truth from ROMAN HOLIDAY fame!

The ruins in Rome

Picnic at the Colesium

Recreating my pic with Becky from 2004!

Colesium at dusk

Outside the Vatican. (where, incidentally, we joined the wrong tour group (still not sure how that happened), got yelled at and nearly thrown out of the museum! But all ended well with a day of art. Silly Romans...

In Saint Peter's Square

Goodbye Rome!


Rebecca said...

Mmm...I liked that place too...

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