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Monday, July 14, 2008

Days Fifteen-Seventeen

Well, there isn't much to report day to day right now. My folks were here for the weekend, so I got to relay all my good feelings about where we are now to them in person, which they were VERY happy to hear about. I'm nearing the end of my perscription of birth control pills, so I had to refill today. Couldn't get through to my pharmacy. I called them 18 times before I got a person instead of a recording. CRAZY, huh?
This weekend we went to a wedding for a family friend. One of my best friends growing up, Leslie Chadwick Mayo, was sister of the groom and I was excited to see Leslie and her little girls in real life instead of on my monitor for the first time in a couple of years. She, of course, was beautiful as always and her oldest, Katlynn, reminds me so much of 5 year old Leslie. It's funny how that happens. :)
Besides the fact that we were at a beautiful wedding at these gorgeous fountains in Dallas, AND the fact that I was able to visit with lots of family friends from Lubbock, there was one undeniable highlight. And that was my sweetie, Joe. Now, many of you know that Joe and I met at ACU. What you may not know is that he was a well known fella in a little club called Gamma Sigma Phi. When Neil (the groom) found out I was marrying Joe a couple of years ago he said, and I quote, "THE Joe Varney?" When Mom told Neil he should invite us to the wedding he said, again I quote, "How cool would my friends think THAT was? If Joe Varney was at MY wedding?" Now apparently, Joe became somewhat of a living legend in the years after graduating. A intramural team was named "Team Joe Varney" and the pledges of later years were aware of the Varney name because of it. Well, at the wedding Joe finally was introduced to Neil, who stood up, shook Joe's hand and said, "Joe Varney...the man. the myth. the legend. Can't believe I'm finally meeting you in person!" It was hilarious! All these GSP guys were there and wanted to shake Joe's hand. One walked up to us and said, "Just wanted to pay my respects to a great GSP alum. Your composite picture was up in my house my junior and senior year." No idea who that guy was. So for one night, my hubbie was a minor celebrity and couldn't wipe that grin off his face. It was great!


ABL said...

We've been out of town for a couple of weeks so i'm just now getting caught up on reading. I just wanted to say that Dr. Nackley is the wife of another Dr. Nackley who is my GI doctor anf he has been a huge blessing to me. I know a couple of people have used her and liked her, too. ALSO- May babies are wonderful. KJ was born at the end of May! Love you, pray for you, can't wait to hear the good news about how God is growing your family!

Anonymous said...

Rach, you know that I am a big fan of April/May babies! ;) I know that this will happen for you guys!