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Friday, July 18, 2008

Day 21

So we are three weeks down and I am finally getting my tummy used to being on birth control again. It is still weird to think that I have to go on the pill to get pregnant. Medical science sure is kooky!
I am so excited today because I am getting to see 2 movies I thought I would miss opening day for! I was expecting to be on bedrest, or having egg retrieval this weekend, so with all the delays, I am far from and have a wide open schedule to see the 2 movies I've actually been looking forward to this summer!
I am meeting Mel in a couple of hours to see Mamma Mia. Now I know that many of you will find that cheesy and stupid, but I am a sucker for a musical in any medium. And Mamma Mia is one that Mel and I saw when we were roomies and sang along to our soundtrack pretty much til the day I moved out. How can you not enjoy a show that has "Dancing Queen" and "Take a Chance on Me?"

Later tonight we are meeting some friends to see the new Batman movie as well. I am SO EXCITED!!! This summer has not given me many movies to put on the calendar, but this is the one I've been waiting on. Now, I'm not a big superhero fiend like the men in my life are, and really don't care about Batman at all. I mean, those early ones were awful. We caught part of Batman and Robin on TNT last night. CHEESE! But since I was dragged to Batman Begins, I have become a fan. I love the dark, brooding character of Bruce Wayne and, HELLO?!?! The girl he loves is named Rachel? Yeah, I can get on board that. I'm interested to see if it lives up to the hype with Heath Ledger. he looks insane and creepy, so I'm already intrigued. I'll give you my verdict on everything soon!


Rebecca said...

I've been looking forward to both of those movies too. Hope they're good!

Christina said...

Rachel, GIRL!! How can you love "Take a chance on me..." How can you so blatantly deny your GATA heritage!!! :)