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Friday, March 30, 2007

fungus face!

I have this weird thing on my face, right by my ear. It started as a bump that itched, so I assumed it was a bite of some sort. I put anti-itch creme on it and thought that was that.

But it kept growing! It turned into this welp that is about as big as a nickle and is flat in the middle, raised on the edges. It itches every now and then, but it is very unsightly. In fact, I no longer can pull my hair back because I am trying to hide it all the time.

Joe was joking with me about and said,"It's probably a ringworm." Well, initially I was like, "yeah whatever!" But it turns out...I have a ringworm...on my face! I am a fungus face. :(

Apparently, ringworm is the same fungus as athlete's foot or jock itch, just located in a different place. It's treated with the same lotions, creams, etc. So now I am having to scrub my face in warm soapy water twice a day and add this stinging solution to it afterward. It's supposed to kill the fungus in 2-4 WEEKS! How long must I be so deformed??? :)

But seriously, where did I contract this? We don't have pets, I don't rub my face on Joe's nasty fungus feet. The only thing I can figure is I hugged a kid who has ringworm on his scalp. (You know how you lean your cheek on their heads when you hug them?) I have no idea...but there it is. And here's my fugus face (covered with make-up somewhat):
Please pity me. It's no fun feeling sorry for yourself all alone. ;)

Monday, March 26, 2007

sad and happy

On Friday we got shocking news at school. My principal is leaving us. She put in her resignation in February so she can stay home with her 4 year old. Totally a legitimate reason, but still sad for us. It was a big surprise to us all, and needless to say, good principals come around once in a blue moon, so we are preparing for a fall now. Marci has been a wonderful leader and I became the teacher I wanted to be under her administration. She'll be greatly missed. The first year she was at our school (4 years ago...) we gave her a standing ovation at her doorway on the last day of school. That's how we feel about her. So sad....

But 2 so happies make up for it (at least for now.)
Happy #1:

Our backyard is becoming a haven instead of a disaster! Last year we had a big mudslide that landed in our backyard (since we were one of 2 inhabited lots at the time.) This brought in a collection of weeds you would not believe! With the rain and start of spring arriving faster than we could prepare for it, we were looking at 4 foot weeds last week. (I did not take pictures for sheer embarrassment at the state of my lawn.) On Saturday, we had 3 teens come help us and we pulled for 2 straight hours. We hung potted plants, potted some marigolds for our rock wall, and planted rose bushes. Joe and I even went and bought steel gazebo to construct next weekend. Soon we'll have patio furniture under a gorgeous gazebo and be surrounded by nature's beauty. Hooray for teamwork (and surplus of $ due to overtime!)
Happy #2:
I started guitar lessons! Don't tell my brother, but I am taking up the strummin instrument and let me tell you, it is no easy task! The music teacher at my school is graciously teaching me and a few other teachers for free on Mondays after school. It is going to be a lot of fun, but hard work on the ol' fingers!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

lift him up

My first year teaching, my portable building was shared with a teacher new to our school...Sue Anderson. She's about my Mom's age and had a few years experience teaching in a private school. We both were teaching 1st grade and she really is what helped me become a good teacher those first couple of years. She was the one person I spoke to EVERY day and as we stayed late day after day, planning and working together, we became friends.

Sue found out last year that her husband has bone cancer. He is constantly in pain and undergoing tests, surgeries and treatments. In the fall, he took a bad turn and Sue was forced to leave school for 7 weeks to take care of him. This semester has not been much better. Weekly trips to the hospital and constant pain keeps him in ongoing need from Sue, while she is still trying to maintain full time teaching.

Today, Sue left mid-day to take him to the emergency room again. She knows there is really nothing to be done for him and the constant giving of her self completely to his care is wearing her down. I was so happy at lunch today to be a part of the staff at my school. There were probably 12 or so of us eating together when we got the news that Eric was on the way to the ER again. We all stopped and prayed together for Eric and Sue. How amazing to have people of faith surrounding me at work!

I say all this just to simply ask prayers for Sue, Eric and their family. We are going through this with her and want to be all the things she needs from us.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

wedding fun

PREFACE...I tried to post on Thursday with another YouTube hillarious moment, but the new blogger won't accept it. So if you are interested...look up "30 Rock harmonizing" on YouTube for a funny moment involving a very geeky white guy singing "The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow" with Tracy Morgan. SO FUNNY!
Now, onto the main blog event!

Last night we went to another in a long list of Woodland West weddings. Folks, in the little over 2 years that I have been at this church, this is the 10th wedding. Yeah! TENTH! Isn't that crazy? So this particular wedding was the merging of 2 fairly wealthy families, so we expected a grand affair...and it was a beautiful evening. They were married at the Maddox Muse building (part of Bass Hall) in a large square room. The seating was around a huge alter (think Meet the Parents) where Hayley and Aaron stood, right in the middle. Great idea, right? It really WAS a unique way to hold the ceremony, but there were a few snafoos here and there. Like...special friends were to be seated with the family...but they didn't tell the special friends so we ended up in "restricted viewing." (Disappointing since the Varneys were "special friends" of the groom.) The bride and her father couldn't fit through the aisle together. Too tight a fit. It ended up being a little disorganized since we couldn't actually rehearse in THAT bldg. (Another wedding was taking place the night of the rehearsal.) But all in all...really beautiful.
The reception was fun for several reasons. #1. I have befriended my best bud (Amy's) best friend from college and we got to laugh and chat a while. #2. I ran into my friend Becky (who I backpacked with that summer) and her now FIANCE...yep. They got engaged on Friday night. She works with Hayley, so they were there as well. #3. They had a DJ and dancing. Let me tell you, it's impossible to NOT have fun with the Varney boys dancing.

We stayed till after 10 laughing and celebrating. Here are some pics from the night.