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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

nothing new

Nothing new to report. Looking forward to christmas, and starting a running list of all that needs to get done before the baby arrives!
1. register at the hospital

2. pick a pediatrician

3. take a birthing class

4. tour the birthing center

5. buy a mattress

6. register for gifts

7. research what I want for said gifts

8. get shower dates nailed down

9. etc etc etc

In the meantime...Any adivce on mattresses, car seats, high chairs, strollers, etc would be appreciated. And here's my belly at 27 weeks. :)

Saturday, December 05, 2009


I know.
I've heard.
I'm horrible about blogging.

Back when I was trying to get pregnant you got tired of hearing about it. And now that there is joy to share, I ain't sharin! I'll try to be better! :)

Quick update on the last couple of months:
1. Joe and I had our 4th anniversary on Nov 19th! We celebrated in SantaFe, eating great New Mexico cuisine and cuddling up by a fireplace with a warm blankie and a mexican hot chocolate!Joe sent me Callalillies....what I carried down the aisle. :)
2. We observed the 2nd loss we faced last year on Nov. 21st. We lost baby girl Varney to a DandC just over a year ago. It's hard to believe how life has changed in these past 12 months.

3. We went to Austin for Thanksgiving with my family and got to eat at the McMansion (the home McDonald's built....my great aunt sold her home and land to them and built a huge home with the money...thus the "McMansion.")

4. We had a very successful family literacy night at school, in which I had a unique piece of art for EVERY CHILD IN THE SCHOOL on display. Glad it's over, but man did the halls look good!

5. On November 2nd we found out we are having a boy!!! We had a little bit of a scare since the doctor couldn't find his stomach on the anatomy sono. We found everything else, and had to go back 2 weeks later to try again. In that time, I worried. I panicked a little. But ultimately I told God I trust him and believe that our baby is healthy and whole. And he was! He is squirmy as all get out and is measuring in the 89th percentile. Luckily, I am not. :) I have gained 8 lbs at last weigh in (3 weeks ago), and am guessing it's closer to 10 or 12 now.

6. I am a week and a half away from 3rd trimester! Can you believe that??? It's gone so fast and I am loving the kicks, the growing bump and the tummy rubs from my kiddos at school. I even had a kindergartener kiss my bump on Thursday. It was so cute! Anyhoo...I'm 24 weeks in the pic.
7. I hosted a brunch today for my girlfriends at church. Not a huge turnout this year, which turns out to be a good thing, as I was ready for a nap by 11! It's always fun to show off my holiday decorations and spend a few days baking and cooking for my pals! And this year had the added bonus of having a baby room to share too!

8. Creative juices are flowing....Joe and I did a holiday craft sale in Lubbock in November. I sold 6 things. Which made all our money back. But I have a bunch leftover. What to do with all those paintings...
I made new stockings for us. They say Mommy, Daddy and Zeke. :)
We also used our creativity to win the Woodland West Trunk or Treat on Halloween. We were the California Raisins. :)
That's what's been going on...and much more day to day busy times! We are anticipating fun times as we now go to birthing classes, chose a pediatrician and quickly near D-Day (delivery day). Let the countdown begin!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

18 weeks

Well...I'm 18 weeks now. Not sure, but I think I felt the baby kick for the first time today!! It felt different than anything I've felt so far. It only happened once, so now I am anxious to feel it again!

And hopefully on November 2nd we learn if its Zeke or Zoe at our ultrasound! Any guesses?

Friday, October 16, 2009


I'm not sure really where to start on this rant. It's been somethign building for over 2 years and while I thought I had overcome my anger with it, it came rushing back today.

One of the worst things about being an infertile couple is not that you can't have that baby...but that everyone else CAN. And lots of time it feels like you are the only one in this boat, just floating along in a sea of lonliness. Talking about it, praying about it, yelling about it, or crying about it still leave you floating with no life vest.

Randy is doing a series about faith in the hard times. If you are at all intersted in them, go to Woodland West C of C's website and listen to a sermon. I've only heard one, but it brought me to tears. There is something about saying you are hurting that take such courage. And once you admit it, it's hard to contain all the pain that's welled up. When Randy was talking about that sense of lonliness and that feeling that God is ignoring you, the feelings of the past 2 years came flooding in. He talked about how uncomfortable we are with eachother's pain. It's easy to focus inward and not worry about or really try to understand what others are going thru. That's why we feel alone in that sea. No one is reaching out because they either don't know how, or are afloat in a different ocean all their own. I know we felt like that often....actually most of the time. Even tho we knew we had hundereds upon hundreds of people praying for us, the fact that it was to akward to talk about with us for most people, made it the elephant in the room more than not.

And now I'm on the other side of the fight, pregnant, happy, healthy and getting bigger and bigger. I'm getting closer to the day I will feel movement in me and know if there is a Zeke or a Zoe in there....yet my heart is hurting for so many of my friends who can't share that same joy.

Thursday was National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Rememberance Day. ( a mouthful, I know.) I'm sad to think I'm in a group that needs to remember a loss. And last night we got a little sad talking about how not just me, but 2 other close girlfriends SHOULD have newborns right now, who will all grow up together and be friends like us. But all 3 of us lost those pregnancies last fall. Today I learned of another close friend whose first sono showed a baby...with no heartbeat. And so I got another tearful phone call to discuss D and Cs and miscarriage. Another friend who is facing a new set of problems she didn't know were there and new set of options she thought were off the table. And I know there are countless more who struggle in silence.

Mom keeps telling me I've been through this to serve as a lifetime ministry. I have been through things and experienced heartaches that can help others in so many ways. But it breaks my heart to know that my victory won't be shared by all of them. We serve a mighty God who makes dreams come true and miracles happen. And I'm so unworthy to be one of these lost floating souls who recieved that mercy...and got my heart's greatest desire. But my tears are still rolling for those couples who still wait...feeling alone and helpless. And I just wonder why this has to be this way for so many of us.

So I pray tonight for strength to be a support for those around me who are looking for someone to hold onto. To get over myself and remember these girls who still long for what I have. And Lord, please, be with those 2 friends with broken hearts tonight. Hold them close to you and assure them that your plan is greater than they can imagine...and that the sun will rise again tomorrow.

Monday, October 12, 2009

so much to say...

These past couple of weeks have been so full. We bought lots of good stuff at Just Between Friends in Grapevine including a diaper bag, a play mat and some more maternity clothes! Here is my cute bag:

Joe says it's not too girl, even if we have a boy and I LOVE IT! It's so me!

Most exciting is that we bought a crib and changing table! There is this adorable baby store in Lubbock called CUP OF TEA and we saw a baby crib there last year that we fell in love with. Just been waiting for a bun in the oven so we could buy it! We found out in the spring that the company that manufactures them has discontinued this model! CUP OF TEA bought out their inventory. So we got one of 3 that was left! Hooray! Its a convertable bed and is perfect in our nursery. Beside the fact that my credit card was cancelled unbeknownst to me (which we foudn out when I went to pay for it) and the fact that it woudn't fit in our car...it was a smooth transaction!

This past weekend we spent with our BFFs the Wilsons and the Tindells! It was so fun to be with our friends again! We've all been so busy with family, baby stuff and travelling that we haven't all been together in a long time. The reason for our reunion? Jake and Brian did an Olympic Triathalon! That's 1500yd swim, 25 mile bike ride, 6.2 mile run. It was Sunday, in the 40 degree weather and rain. The water was warm, the roads were hilly and slick and the run was exhausting cuz...well....did you hear what else they did first? They finished TOGTHER at under 3.5 hours. So proud of those guys!

And...I said I wouldnt put a bare belly picture but this one really shows where I am. Here goes!
Oh yeah! And my new toy...really my early anniversary gift from my Honey. thanks babe!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Baby Updates

I am such a slacker! I know. I know. Baby weeks are flying by and I am leaving you all in the dark! So let's get a quick rundown, shall we?!!?
As of tomorrow I will be 14 weeks pregnant and I am so thrilled to be out of the first trimester! I am not nearly as picky about my eating and can make it through the day, past 9 oclock without a nap! The first few weeks were a big blur of sleepiness and picky picky eating. I was never sick, but did have foods that made me feel nausous or just icky in general. My clothes would go from to tight, to barely fitting and back. Every day I had a different size pooch under my belly button. Of course, boobs are sore and growing, but mostly I was just in a daze of "can this be really happening?" I still feel that way pretty often, but with my belly getting bigger and bigger, it's becoming more real to me.
So I am now officially having to start the maternity wear. I bought swimsuit so I can start water aerobics. I have a couple of dresses and some shirts. But this weekend I finally caved and got the maternity jeans. I have some dress pants that are stretchy in the waist (Thank you Lerner!), but the dress pants will be soon to follow. I cannot button any skirts or pants anymore. I have the little bellyband thing, but it rolls and bunches and I just don't like it too much. Lots of my shirts don't work either because my boobs are too big to button them up, or I have too much cleavage to be comfortable. But I like knowing that little peanut is growing in there, so I can't complain!
I had my first real visit with my OB last Tuesday. Things were going well until they tried to find the heartbeat on the doppler (a little microphone they rub on your belly.) She couldn't find it. I got so scared. They sent us for a sono to make sure everythign was okay. And we got to see our little miracle again. Heart beating. Legs kicking. Arms moving up and down. It was amazing. A real, live being is inside me!!! I go back on October 13th for the next apt. The one AFTER that is when we find out if it's a Zoe or a Zeke. Speaking of....Our official names are Zoe Abigail Varney OR Joseph Ezekiel Varney... Zoe or Zeke!
We are finishing up the nursery, including buying a crib this coming weekend. We have cleared out all non-baby things from the baby room and can't wait to fill it with fun things! Here are a couple of pics of my baby bump progress.
This is at 8 weeks....
This is yesterday....just shy of 14 weeks...
I can't see my pants when I look down! My belly sticks out!!!!

Saturday, September 05, 2009

baby update

Well, I went to my ObGyn for my first appointment on Thursday. It was completely uneventful, as I only met with a nurse and really only did paperwork. No bloodwork. No exam. It was very hard to leave the fertility clinic. I KNOW them. They KNOW me. I have relationships there. But my nurse Thursday was great. She was stunned to hear Joe and I are both twins. She said she couldn't believe we're only having a singleton.

It has been a fun last couple of week, seeing people and sharing the news. Lots of hugs and more tears than I ever expected! People I never thought would care so much are really WEEPING when they find out. I love feeling the prayers that have built up for the last 2 years being outpoured in emotion for us. We are blessed beyond measure and constantly hear of more and more people who have prayed without ceasing for our little one.

My favorite prayer story yet though, comes from the Dill family. If you are not a WW pal, you may recall a post from last year with Joe asleep on the floor with 2 little blonde boys. Those are our boys...Connor and Mac. Now they have a new little sister added to the mix. While their momma was pregnant, Mac (who is 4) started asking me all the time if I had a baby in my tummy. One night back in May he asked his Mom, "where is Joe and Rachel's baby?" She told him we don't have one. To which he replied, "They are married! They are supposed to have a baby!" Lauren told him God doesn't give babies to everyone. "He should give one to them. We need to pray for their baby." So every night for the whole summer, when Mac said his prayers, he finished with "please give Joe and Rachel a baby." And God answered. And while I know hundreds of people have been praying, part of me thinks this is thanks to the earnest heart of a child. Thanks Mac.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cat's Out of the Bag!

Most of you know now, we are finally expecting our first baby!!!

We did our final round of invitro in early July and have known for about 6 weeks now that we are pregnant. :) I have felt pretty good for the most part and have luckily been spared the dreaded morning sickness. Some foods don't make me feel so great, but if I avoid those, I'm usually pretty good. A couple of weeks ago we were able to see our baby for the first time. It was a very nervous day for us, since this is when we lost our last one. But that day, there was a little bean in my uterus and a healthy heartbeat to be heard...at just shy of 7 weeks! Last Thursday we went for a follow up (the day I thought I was 9 weeks, come to find out....9 weeks and 2 days!). We saw the baby again, heart the heartbeat again and were told I could go off my progesterone injections! I went back on Friday to make do some blood work to make sure my body had taken over progesterone production. It has! So I am officially released from the fertility doctor and free to see my regular OBGYN.

I cannot express the feelings we are feeling and the overwhelming joy and excitement surrounding us and our families! It is such a miracle and one we were not sure we would ever be blessed with. These past 9 months, since the last pregnancy, have brought so many blessings in our marriage and God really gave me peace about what was ahead. The only time I doubted was the night before our pregnancy test. But God was faithful and we will never stop thanking him for this blessing!

I will have tons of things to share and post in the upcoming weeks and months and am SO looking forward to watching my belly grow! Mom and I have already gone maternity shopping and I am ready to be a cute pregnant gal!

So there it is....10 weeks down and 30 to go!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

more craftiness!

So with summer giving me lots of extra time to paint and create, I have been hard at work in what will one day be our nursery. Painting the vines on the wall I knew would take me a good week's worth of time and we really wanted to build a palm tree...so that was going to take some ingenuity. So here's what we've ended up with:

The room looks like a wreck, but just pay attention to the walls. :) I painted every vine and leave by hand, just me a my paintbrush. It took me about 25 hours and each vine has 3-4 coats of paint. You can't tell from the pictures, but they are glossy finished which makes the light shine off of them. I am IN LOVE with this room!

Next we worked on the Palm tree. We started with an old floor lamp that Joe had....similar to this one.

Joe took it apart and cut the wiring out. Then we got some PVC pipe and fastened is to the lamp frame with epoxy and filled it with sand to weigh it down a little. I played with how to make leaves and found something that worked really well. I made "leaf shaped pillow cases" out of green felt and made a frame to hold it up and make it bendable with floral wire and a coat hanger. The cool part was, we found a way to make it where we can arch the middle by pushing the wire forward and backward. It was a happy discovery! Then we slide the frame in and sew it all up.

Here they are all bunched up as a "bouquet" and wired together so we can feed them into the pipe.

And here's the finished tree! I am SO proud of it!

Joe finished up the top of the dresser while I was busy with the vines. The boy did good! Here's his finished project!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

painting in progress

Here's what I've been working on this week. Sorry some are turned sideways. Not sure how to get them rotated. It's not posting the way they are in my picture album!!! Silly BLOGGER!

Friday, June 19, 2009

busy busy busy

I have been a busy bee this week. I am LOVING spending time with my new little boyfriend...Grady Henderson. Melanie is nice enough to let me spend a couple of days a week with her little guy getting in some mommy practice. He's 7 months old and on the brink of crawling. He got stuck in one of his toys on Tuesday. He scooted in and couldn't go forward any more and couldn't back up. He thought it was hillarious and so did I!
I've also been painting up a storm! I've worked on some more of my animals and did something drastic in my kitchen. And of course...I LOVE IT! Here's what I've been doing this week:
Mom saw penants like these in an antique store and thought they were adorable. She bought one so we could try making our own. They are so adorable! I went to see the originals yesterday and there was only one left! It was stuck in a bouquet of flowers and looked so beautiful! We also think they'd be great atop a birthday cake! Lots of work to put together, but fun work!
I started brainstorming ideas for my nursery rhyme/old book collage pieces. And Debbie suggested I do Bible pages with Bible characters as well. That's in the works, but here's what I've got so far.
Rub a Dub Dub Three Men in a Tub
Mary Had a Little Lamb
Humpty Dumpty
And here are the animals that I am still working on. Joe got a table saw for Father's Day (it's his first one since our pregnancies!) so he can help cut boards and learn how to "build stuff."

And last, but not least is my kitchen makeover. We went to the parade of homes in Lubbock last week and saw some amazing places. One thing that was recurring was kitchen bars that were a different color than the rest of the kitchen. Often they had different countertops, but always were a different color at the base. So...

And here's AFTER