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Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Still not ready to blog on the remainder of my trip just yet. I'll get there...just not today.

I was just reading my posts from when I first started blogging and laughing at what was going on last year. I was just beginning to teach art and was so excited to be there at last! This new year is bringing a lot of new challenges my way. We have new curriculum (which of course I've seen and helped write), a whole new administration in my bldg (new principal, ap, instructional specialist AND literacy coach), new bilingual program entering my school, AND around 12 new teachers. In my 6 years at this school we have lost less than 10 in all. So to lose 12 in one year is brutal. It's going to be a different school completely. I'm anxious to see what will happen, nervous a little, but really excited to enter this year as an experienced art teacher.
School starts for me on Monday and the kiddos come back the following Monday. Hopefully the transitions will be easy...

Monday, August 06, 2007

100 things about me

Read Jamie's and Leslie's blogs on themselves and thought it would be fun to attempt. (I promise I'll blog about the rest of my trip soon.)

1. I am a twin.
2. I was considerably bigger than my twin brother at birth because I hogged all the food.
3. I'm married to a twin.
4. I have only ever had one pet that belonged to me. A dog named Brunswick.
5. I played the piano for 6 years.
6. My dad gave me the piano he bought for me in 1st grade this summer.
7. I have a minor in art.
8. I went to state for drawing in high school.
9. I played varsity volleyball for 2 years.
10. We won state both of them.
11. I quit for my senior year.
12. I was a manager and we won state again.
13. I was supposed to fly overseas on September 11th.
14. My flight never left.
15. I didn't fly until March of the next year.
16. I have had 2 roommates named Jamie (jaime) and they now live together.
17. I have been to 13 countries outside the US.
18. I have never been to Canada or Mexico.
19. I was on a plane that made an emergency landing in a foreign country when I was 13.
20. I've been to Alaska twice.
21. I have a goal to set foot in all 50 states. I have managed about 37 so far.
22. The week I bought my car, I put 3000 miles on it driving to and from Vegas.
23. I took a road trip with my dad to Montana when I was 23.
24. My mom and I go to Santa Fe every summer.
23. I think Santa Fe has the best food in the world.
24. Joe and I went there for our 1 year anniversary and went to a spa.
25. Since I was 9, I've known that I wanted to be an art teacher.
26. I just completed my first year as an art teacher.
27. I was offered a job as a children's minister this summer.
28. I couldn't walk away from the job I've wanted for 20 years tho.
29. I teach over 600 students a week.
30. I know all of their names.
31. I was punched in the face by a kindergartener the first week of school last year.
32. Another kindergartener threw an easel at me.
33. I have the largest classroom in my school.
34. I will be doing training the year at inservice.
35. I wrote the new 1st grade art curriculum for my district.
36. I co-wrote the new PK curriculum too.
37. I was approved for a house loan to build our house before I was engaged.
38. Joe proposed to me 2 days before school got out for summer so I could show off my ring at work.
39. I had the most fun wedding imaginable!
40. I practiced my karaoke song with the bridesmaids until late the night before.
41. I never once got nervous or thought about how many people were there during the wedding.
42. My dad warned me not to trip and embarrass him right before we went in.
43. He tripped on my dress right after that.
44. We laughed the whole walk down the aisle.
45. Joe and I were supposed to sing AINT NO MOUNTAIN together at the reception, but the words were never on the screen.
46. We hadn't practiced EVER>
47. We were at the reception for just 1 1/2 hours.
48. We never made it past the front of the stairwell to talk to people.
49. My friend Lauren tried to kill people to catch my bouquet.
50. We went to Vermont for our honeymoon.
51. We were the only guests in our hotel/cabin area.
52. It snowed 8 inches while we were there.
53. I cook dinner every night for my husband.
54. My specialty is Shepherd's Pie.
55. I also make good potato rolls.
56. I love Rachel Raye.
57. I cooked out of her cookbooks the first year we were married, almost every day.
58. I like watching Paula Dean on Food Network.
59. I've never made one of her recipes.
60. I think they might kill you from the shear volume of butter and cream.
61. I love dark chocolate.
62. Melanie gave me a hatbox full of differnet dark chocolates for my birthday one year.
63. It took Joe and I 8 months to eat it all.
64. I read the last Harry Potter book as soon as it came out.
65. I think it's the 2nd best of the series.
66. Prisoner of Askaban is my favorite. (book 3)
67. I love musical theater!
68. I've seen Les Miserables 5 times and in 4 different venues- New York, Lubbock, Dallas, London.
69. I've seen productions of well over 40 shows.
70. The Hairspray soundtrack has been playing in my car since before I left for Ukraine.
71. I equate Penny and Seaweed with me and Joe.
72. A lyric from a song they sing is engraved in the watch I gave Joe as a wedding gift.
73. It says, "to my Black White Knight." Penny sings, "Seaweed, you're my black white knight, I've found my blue eyed soul!"
74. Joe and I saw 2 interracial shows the weekend we went to Hairspray in Dallas- (it was the weekend Guess Who with Ashton Kutcher opened.)
75. I watch LOST faithfully.
76. I DID watch ALIAS faithfully until it got stupid.
77. I'm worried LOST is about to get stupid.
78. I watched every episode of FRIENDS when it originally aired except one.
79. I watched the one where Ross marries Emily in Nelson dorm, in the lobby, on the last night of freshman year.
80. Ross is my favorite character, even tho Joe says he's the one he would punch if he saw him.
81. We watch Thursday night TV with our best friends on a huge screen every week.
82. The Office is my new favorite show.
83. I quote 30 Rock on a regular basis.
84. I voice a puppet named Dena (named from Dreamgirls) and an alien puppet named Capt. Carol for Bible Hour.
85. I can't dance.
86. I'm embarrassed to try to learn to dance with Joe because he laughs when I try.
87. I can bike 15 miles pretty easily.
88. I can't swim well because I'm scared of getting water up my nose.
89. I've never attempted a dive.
90. I had an above ground pool when I was a kid.
91. The doll I always played with was named Bambo.
91. I think she is the ugliest doll taht was ever created.
92. My mom used to let me buy real diapers for her.
93. I went to LCU camps but went to ACU, and my brother went to ACU camps, but went to LCU.
94. I was a counselor at ACU camps with Jamie M., who I had met at those same camps 10 years earlier.
95. I was a youth intern in Denton after I graduated.
96. I lived with Melanie longer than anyone else outside of my family.
97. I have 16 mosquito bites on me at this moment.
98. I watch Days of our Lives every day in the summer.
99. I already know the names of my future children.
100. I blog because I like to read my own posts...even if no one else does!