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Saturday, September 15, 2007

selling a house...

Questions for home owners who have sold a house...
How much cost is there involved from the seller's end?
Is it worthwhile to move to a bigger place, with a VERY low cost simply for resale value?
How do you know what your house is worth?

There's lots more where that came from. There is a house that is MASSIVE at the end of our block. It is well over twice the size of ours and the price the real estate guy said they'd take for it is only $10,000 more than the cost of our house (as listed on our property taxes.) So in theory, if we could sell our house for that price, we could own a much bigger, nicer one in our neighborhood for very little change in our mortgage payment. My concerns are many about this, but....I'm wanting to look simply at numbers right now. The bigger house is worth much more than the asking price, but it has been marked down significantly due to the amount of time it's been on the market. Is it wise to consider this? The real estate man has been bending my ear about it for a few weeks. That they could sell our house for us, enabling us to buy this larger one. (Yes, I know this contradicts the moving somewhere else in Texas, but we are pursuing all options at this point.) What do you think?
Oh, and by the way....this house is AMAZING! Never been lived in, brand new!

tagged by Jamie

Here's my answers to Jamie's tagged questions:
1. What does your favorite t-shirt say?
Well, I can't really think what my favorite t-shirt is. My most comfortable one is Joe's old softball jersey. I used to sleep in it when we were dating because it smelled like him...it says "Haterade."
2. What's your favorite sport to watch?
I like basketball....Mavericks in particular. (hope they don't let me down again like THE LAST 2 YEARS!!!)
3. What's your favorite season of the year?
Summer...I'm not working then!
4. What was your favorite event as a child?
Either summer camp or fourth of July. The 4th was a big deal in our family. We spent it with our best family friends and it was a early morning to late night party. Water balloons, brisket, homemade ice-cream and fireworks...great fun! And who doesn't love summer camp?
5. Name 3 things you would like to accomplish in your lifetime.
Some of you know that I have a list of things I want to do before I die. I'm well on my way to check them off. I'll give you 3...
a. Set foot in all 50 states (I have been to 37 so far).
b. Meet a current or former president.
c. Write a children's book.
**A couple I'm proud to have accomplished....sing on a broadway stage, skate in Rockerfellar Center, stand at the top of the Eiffel Tower, paint in Europe, watch a sunrise and sunset in the same day, buy a house....

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

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Let's say....

#1 Let's say that Joe and I were thinking of leaving the metroplex. Let's say we're looking around for where to go....what would you suggest? What are some good places in Texas that are close to big cities and have good school systems....Let's say we could work out moving out of state. Where should we be? Where would we find a good church, cooler climate, etc? Give me some advice, and I'll clue you in on the Varney future forecast.

#2 Let's say it was hard to lose weight. (cuz it is). Let's say someone invented a REAL chewing gum like Willy Wonka's that is a 3 course meal. Wouldn't that be awesome! I have realized that I love the flavor of food and am more concerned with the taste than if it is filling. If I could have gum that tasted like foods I love with just a fraction of the calories...that would be awesome! So pass that along to some entrepreneur out there. Oh...and tell the to fix the dessert. Wonka screwed that part up and turned Violet into a blueberry! ("Violet! You're turning violet, Violet!")