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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Day Five

Today was a L...O...N...G one. Joe and I went to meet a different doctor, Dr. Graves, at 11am. He is the doc who will be doing Joe's sperm extraction and we have to have the go ahead and a date scheduled for Joe's procedure before we can go forward with my doctor. So we got there at 10:30, expecting a quick look at the chart from his tests and a "Okay, let's do this." Nope. After 2 hours in the waiting room, we finally got into a room. Then we waited for about 20 minutes. Then we met a very jovial man named Joe who took Joe's info and filled out some papers with us. Then we met Dr. Nathan Graves. Now, we thought it was odd that there was a place for us to put our church preferance on our paperwork. (it is STILL odd, I guess.) He noticed we were Church of Christ and told us he is too. (cool, right??) We chatted with him about our situation and he really made me feel good about things. He told us "You have sperm. You gotta be optimistic about that. Lots of guys come in here with none." He also told us that Dr. Kevin Doody (the doctor we've been seeing who will be doing our in vitro stuff) is world reknown and is known to be the top in this field in the US. He said people from other countries come to have him do in vitro for them. He also said that he (Dr. Graves) has 2 children from in vitro, both done by Dr. Kevin. Later on we found out that Dr. Graves is also the urologist who donated the free invitro in conjunction with the center we are going to. Isn't it nice to have stumbled (with God's nudging) into 2 christian doctors to guide us through this? Joe had an ultrasound done to make sure there were no blockages or cancer for us to be concerned with first. We got the green light! After more chatting about the will of God and how he works in mysterious ways, Dr. Graves assured us that he's not going anywhere and he'll get us on the calendar asap. AND that "you've got sperm, and I'm gonna find it." Hooray!!! After that we met with another very godly person who will be our point person at Dr. Graves' office through this. Her name is Kay and she assured us that we will make it through this fine, with God's hand on every step. Then the floor was temporarily yanked out as we had to shell out another couple of thousand dollars for this section of the journey. Hopefully, we are all done writing 3 and 4 zero checks now. So....all in all...good day.
1. Christian Doctors
2. Having Joe with me for a whole weekday!
3. Chicken fried steak at 3:00 (we were at the doc's office for almost 5 hours. We missed lunch...)
4. Mid-day movies (Hancock...not what I expected. Not great, but not terrible.)
5. A sunny outlook after having an Eeyore cloud over me.


Rebecca said...

Glad God found you the Dr. that you ended up with.

Jake and Tanya Wilson said...

Sounds like a wonderful day! :o) I am glad you finally got some good news... just keep in mind all the things the doctor tells you the next time there is a bump in the road. Hey... I think I know what will cheer you up, a painting the Wilson`s house party! ;o)

Lauren said...

How awesome that you have a brother in Christ as your doc! Also, I don't know if you've ever listened to Kidd Kraddick in the Morning, but Kellie Rasberry (one of the DJs) had in vitro done a couple of years ago and Dr. Doody was her doctor. I only remember that because of his rather unusual last name! But anyway, hers worked and she has a beautiful daughter. I hope yours does too!!