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Monday, September 21, 2009

Baby Updates

I am such a slacker! I know. I know. Baby weeks are flying by and I am leaving you all in the dark! So let's get a quick rundown, shall we?!!?
As of tomorrow I will be 14 weeks pregnant and I am so thrilled to be out of the first trimester! I am not nearly as picky about my eating and can make it through the day, past 9 oclock without a nap! The first few weeks were a big blur of sleepiness and picky picky eating. I was never sick, but did have foods that made me feel nausous or just icky in general. My clothes would go from to tight, to barely fitting and back. Every day I had a different size pooch under my belly button. Of course, boobs are sore and growing, but mostly I was just in a daze of "can this be really happening?" I still feel that way pretty often, but with my belly getting bigger and bigger, it's becoming more real to me.
So I am now officially having to start the maternity wear. I bought swimsuit so I can start water aerobics. I have a couple of dresses and some shirts. But this weekend I finally caved and got the maternity jeans. I have some dress pants that are stretchy in the waist (Thank you Lerner!), but the dress pants will be soon to follow. I cannot button any skirts or pants anymore. I have the little bellyband thing, but it rolls and bunches and I just don't like it too much. Lots of my shirts don't work either because my boobs are too big to button them up, or I have too much cleavage to be comfortable. But I like knowing that little peanut is growing in there, so I can't complain!
I had my first real visit with my OB last Tuesday. Things were going well until they tried to find the heartbeat on the doppler (a little microphone they rub on your belly.) She couldn't find it. I got so scared. They sent us for a sono to make sure everythign was okay. And we got to see our little miracle again. Heart beating. Legs kicking. Arms moving up and down. It was amazing. A real, live being is inside me!!! I go back on October 13th for the next apt. The one AFTER that is when we find out if it's a Zoe or a Zeke. Speaking of....Our official names are Zoe Abigail Varney OR Joseph Ezekiel Varney... Zoe or Zeke!
We are finishing up the nursery, including buying a crib this coming weekend. We have cleared out all non-baby things from the baby room and can't wait to fill it with fun things! Here are a couple of pics of my baby bump progress.
This is at 8 weeks....
This is yesterday....just shy of 14 weeks...
I can't see my pants when I look down! My belly sticks out!!!!

Saturday, September 05, 2009

baby update

Well, I went to my ObGyn for my first appointment on Thursday. It was completely uneventful, as I only met with a nurse and really only did paperwork. No bloodwork. No exam. It was very hard to leave the fertility clinic. I KNOW them. They KNOW me. I have relationships there. But my nurse Thursday was great. She was stunned to hear Joe and I are both twins. She said she couldn't believe we're only having a singleton.

It has been a fun last couple of week, seeing people and sharing the news. Lots of hugs and more tears than I ever expected! People I never thought would care so much are really WEEPING when they find out. I love feeling the prayers that have built up for the last 2 years being outpoured in emotion for us. We are blessed beyond measure and constantly hear of more and more people who have prayed without ceasing for our little one.

My favorite prayer story yet though, comes from the Dill family. If you are not a WW pal, you may recall a post from last year with Joe asleep on the floor with 2 little blonde boys. Those are our boys...Connor and Mac. Now they have a new little sister added to the mix. While their momma was pregnant, Mac (who is 4) started asking me all the time if I had a baby in my tummy. One night back in May he asked his Mom, "where is Joe and Rachel's baby?" She told him we don't have one. To which he replied, "They are married! They are supposed to have a baby!" Lauren told him God doesn't give babies to everyone. "He should give one to them. We need to pray for their baby." So every night for the whole summer, when Mac said his prayers, he finished with "please give Joe and Rachel a baby." And God answered. And while I know hundreds of people have been praying, part of me thinks this is thanks to the earnest heart of a child. Thanks Mac.