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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cat's Out of the Bag!

Most of you know now, we are finally expecting our first baby!!!

We did our final round of invitro in early July and have known for about 6 weeks now that we are pregnant. :) I have felt pretty good for the most part and have luckily been spared the dreaded morning sickness. Some foods don't make me feel so great, but if I avoid those, I'm usually pretty good. A couple of weeks ago we were able to see our baby for the first time. It was a very nervous day for us, since this is when we lost our last one. But that day, there was a little bean in my uterus and a healthy heartbeat to be heard...at just shy of 7 weeks! Last Thursday we went for a follow up (the day I thought I was 9 weeks, come to find out....9 weeks and 2 days!). We saw the baby again, heart the heartbeat again and were told I could go off my progesterone injections! I went back on Friday to make do some blood work to make sure my body had taken over progesterone production. It has! So I am officially released from the fertility doctor and free to see my regular OBGYN.

I cannot express the feelings we are feeling and the overwhelming joy and excitement surrounding us and our families! It is such a miracle and one we were not sure we would ever be blessed with. These past 9 months, since the last pregnancy, have brought so many blessings in our marriage and God really gave me peace about what was ahead. The only time I doubted was the night before our pregnancy test. But God was faithful and we will never stop thanking him for this blessing!

I will have tons of things to share and post in the upcoming weeks and months and am SO looking forward to watching my belly grow! Mom and I have already gone maternity shopping and I am ready to be a cute pregnant gal!

So there it is....10 weeks down and 30 to go!