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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Jeremy's Big Night

I know it is odd to Blog about someone other than myself, that isn't even related to me, but thought some of my readers might be interested in this.
Those of you who know Jeremy Hailey, check out this link:
Click on JUNGLE BOOK on the homepage and see pics from Jeremy's big night.

If you don't know already, Jeremy is the arts and music man in smalltown Texas now and did a Disney-written musical of THE JUNGLE BOOK this past spring. Jamie and I wanted to go for his big debut, but it was on a Tuesday (how odd is that??) on the last week of school. I rarely hear from Jeremy, but have heard from him several times since the play about the response. His hard work paid off as the superintendent said, "It was the highlight of my educational career." Looks like the kids had fun and from what I hear, some reps from Disney even came to check it out. Wish we could've been there to show our support too!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

painting again

It's been a while since I got in a artistic frenzy. With painting, drawing and coloring all day every day, it has turned my relaxing art-time into work. But the past weekend, I have been in a frenzy! At the Ukraine garage sale I bought 6 chairs for $15. I decided to make a little profit and sell them to teachers at school as reading chairs, painted to order. (Ahh, remember that black and white set Jamie? Christina?)

In college I painted a table and 5 chairs in bright colors with black and white checks around the edges. CUTE! I sold the set to Chris when she got married and kept one chair for myself. (It still sits in my classroom and has been given the name "RAINBOW CHAIR." It has served me well for 6 years now!

When I was student teaching, I made one for my supervising teacher as well. Blue with stars all over it. But since then, haven't done a one. But this weekend, I did 2 and have orders for 3 more! Hooray! What a fun way to make a little extra cash! Let me show you what I did so far:

I think they are pretty cute! I LOVE the bumble bee one! I have orders for a pink leopard print, an aquatic, and a children 'round the world one. I am so excited to do these! What else would make a good kids' chair theme???

Monday, May 14, 2007


For those of you just catching up on the Varney life, let me tell you about my next great adventure....Mission Ukraine!
I am going with a small group from church to Mariupol, Ukraine this June to teach English in the LST model...teach English by way of the gospels. I am erally excited because 3 of my best girlfriends from the young married group are going also, so we are now a little posse of fundraising fiends!
This past Saturday we had a garage sale to raise some money. Joe and one of his pals had passed along a little pun we enjoyed so we turned it into a t-shirt opportunity. See if you can figure out what the back of the shirt says before scrolling on...

NEED A HINT? That's MC Hammer bustin' a move right there!

Come on, think! THINK MC HAMMER SONGS!

Here's a group pic before I get to the punchline...

You ready for this??? Here's the back:

Awesome, right? I know..we are SO FUNNY!

But seriously, we got some much needed money for our flights and Amy (gal in purple) and I are working hard on some other plans that coincide. She and I are going to take a little detour on the way home and tour Italy for a week. I know, Mel...can't be jealous of anyone else getting to travel EVER again, right? I know. But better take advantage before there are little Varneys to contend with. Just making good use of my time!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

ode to a musical

Piggy-backing off of Amy's blog, I have to add my ode to musicals.

Musicals and me...we have quite a history. From the musical I was supposed to sing "ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS MY TWO FRONT TEETH" in first grade in, to my summer ahead, filled with musical theater...SIGH....it's been a good run. :)

I'm proud to say that my parents instilled in me the value of musical theater and took me to my first Broadway play at the age of 13. (It was Crazy For You, incidentally. Mom and Dad were in theater in college and starred as Lucy and Shroder in YOUR A GOOD MAN, CHARLIE BROWN.) Ever since I sat eye to eye with Javer in LES MISERABLES 15 years ago, I have been mesmerized with the genre.

Some are just fun to see like HAIRSPRAY and MAMMA MIA. Some give you a gut wrenching heartache like WEST SIDE STORY or LES MIS. But the ones I truly love are the ones with music so over-powering, they make my eyes water. The opening song in THE LION KING, Effie's song in DREAMGIRLS, Defying Gravity in WICKED. There are just some moments that move you beyond words. Amy and I have talked about this many times...it's something inexplicable: how music can move you to emotions that nothing else can.

And I have so many memories tied up in them now. Seeing LION KING on my backpacking trip to Europe. Taking my youth group kids to LES MIS the summer I was an intern. Sitting with Mel in NY watching Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane in THE PRODUCERS. Or even sitting at home (again with Mel) watching CALAMITY JANE or HOLIDAY INN.

Guess that's why I love musicals so much...they connect with something in my heart. So whether it be a musical beating like HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL or OKLAHOMA, or a masterpiece like PHANTOM OF THE OPERA or CHICAGO, buy me a ticket on the front row...I want to be a part!

**Some Favorite Musical Lines...just a few...
  • "I've got a hive full of honey, for the right kind of honeybee."
  • "In my ivory tower I was just a hostess snack ,but now I've tasted chocolate and I"m never going back."
  • "He had it comin'."
  • "Measure your life in love."
  • "The world is full of happiness that I have never known."

What's your favorite?