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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Day Twelve

we are still waiting. I hate that I when I call either doctor's office I get moved to a voicemail to speak to the person I need. I hate that no one has returned a call to me yet even tho I started calling at 8am. I hate that this is a major priority for no one but me. And I hate that there is nothing I can do to change it. Joe has been sweet and called both places as well. He found out that the paperwork WAS sent yesterday from Dr. Graves to Dr. Doody. Then he spoke to someone who can't do anything, but did know that the info was recieved at Dr. Doody's office. Now it has to go back and forth 2 more times. At this rate it'll be August before we get started! AAAARRGGHH!!! It's so frustrating! I think I'm the most angry about the fact we have paid in full to both offices and they are not moving on this. Even tho I know it's not reality, I feel like it's "we have your money...so we can do what we want." BLECK!!! I'm also thinking we need to cancel our trip to Disney World in September because of possible doctor visits, and the fact that I don't think I'm supposed to fly in my first trimester. Joe won't concede until a doctor tells us that, but I just feel like every plan we had for this has fallen apart. And it's a real possibility that this is going to still be going on into the school year. I DON"T WANT THAT!!!! It's like I wasted my whole summer just sitting around waiting. And by the way...daytime TV is beating me down. Too many commercials about getting pregnant, being pregnant or having babies. It's hard to watch.
I promise I'm not as forlorn as I sound. Just need to vent somewhere. :)

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