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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Day Thirteen

Okay. So now there is a gameplan. I will be on day 26 before I actually start my injections. Crazy, right? I thought it would be more like day 5 or 7. The doctor's office called me today and set my Phase II appointment for July 23rd (2 weeks from yesterday). I asked about when they would be doing the extraction EXACTLY and she said we won't know for a while. They have to wait until they see how my body reacts to my medication. If I react well (like my doctor expects me to), they will take my eggs earlier in the week (like the 11th to 12th). If my eggs aren't moving like they should, it'll be later in the week (like the 16th or 17th). I'm concerned, of course because of what that'll mean for my school schedule. I asked her, "With bedrest after getting implanted, I'm gonna be missing some work, since I am due to go back for inservice on the 18th." She told me that I don't have to be on bedrest at all! What!?!?!? She said there is no basis for bedrest scientifically. Hmmmm. I'm still going to rest for a couple days though. Per Doctor Joe and Doctor Mom's orders. So...all that to say, if they take my eggs early in the week, they will implant me 3-5 days later and it is reasonable to believe I will be at school on the first day of classes! Hooray! I may still have to miss part or all of inservice, but that's no big deal to me. So...now we wait a couple more weeks and get this show on the road!!
Just got a phone call from the doc's office again. I am no longer with Dr. Kevin. I am now with Dr. Nackley, who is a female doctor. Hmmm. The nurse said Dr. Kevin will be out of town for about 3 weeks and it is all during August. So they have moved me to Dr. Nackley so we can go forward. She wanted to make sure that was okay with me before we start. I asked some questions and she assured me the Dr. Nackley is an excellent doctor and she would have no quams if it was her. So we are switching docs! Crazy times, eh?
OH! And in case you are interested....WHEN this works and I get pregnant, I will be due sometime between May 9th and May 15th 2009. Perfect!!!


DavitaJo said...

Hi! Not sure you remember me from ACU...way back when...but I wanted you to know that I came across your blog and I'm praying for you. I can only imagine what it must be like to deal with all of this uncertainty! I know that I probably wouldn't handle it with as much grace and faith as you are.
Davita Campbell

The Best Family said...

See there, rachel - you didnt need all of us to tell you that it is all God's timing... he showed you all himself! How wonderful to open your blog up today and hear such great news... I am sure there will still be some ups and downs in the process, but I am so excited to watch this all unfold and see how God so carefully guides you through each phase of this process for you and Joe... Not to mention how excited I am to see what a cutie patootie baby the two of you are making!! I am still praying for you!