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Sunday, January 20, 2008

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Well, no news is good news I guess. Right? I realized today that I haven't been blogging lately and thought I'd send a quick little update. I was asked at church by several people about a "rumor" that we were moving. No. We are not. I quickly added it together that my blog was what was perpetuating this. So...here's the story for now....
Joe got a promotion in mid-December into lower management. It was a sizable salary jump and he is really excited about making a difference there. I can't ask him to leave that right now. He really feels like he needs to stick with this for a little while. While my school year is really crappy right now, I don't forsee leaving the campus either. We are toying with the idea of my switching school districts, but obviously we'd be metroplex bound so Joe can stay at Penson.
To add to this...the house across the street was forclosed last month and some of our friends are looking to buy right now. How fun would THAT be? To live across the street from our close friends? Awesome!
So, that's the short of the move "rumors" for now. Things are on hold at least for another year or two. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and I will blog soon with pics from our Christmas cruise to Mexico...it was wonderful!