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Friday, January 29, 2010

Zeke Take 2

So we had technical difficulties during the first session, so we got to go back for round 2 freebie session today!!! Unfortunately Joe missed out on this one, but my BFF Amy was able to be there. I loved hearing her squeal at all the movements and little features that were becoming so clear on the screen. As Amy said, "I can't wait to squeeze him and kiss those little cheeks!" I know it's blurry...he's a wiggle wart. But look close. See his little fingers scratching his face/rubbing his eyes. He's so sleepy!!!

The bump down at the bottom left isn't his shoulder...it's the placenta. He was very attached to it today.

Tiny little fingers that will wrap around mine soon!

Oh!!! He is so cute!!! Still rubbing his eyes, and a little blurry, but still...ADORABLE!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

31 weeks

Every day I find myself just staring at my body in the mirror. I still can't believe what is happening. I was the girl who stuffed pillows under her shirt, even in past few years to see what I'd look like pregnant. I love my big, round basketball belly. I am so close to the end and ready to meet my little fella. :)
Here's me at 31 weeks (last week).

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Saturday, January 09, 2010

December 2010

About an hour into the snowfall on Christmas Eve. It was about 3pm and we had just gotten back from lunch. What a surprise this was!

My living room on Christmas Eve. Notice the new toy for Zeke's room! My momma got him a big Geoffery Giraffe. He's so cute!
Joe got Daddy and Son Cowboys gear.
Pappa J's new leather coat.
Momma T got Zeke all his bedding. Isn't his blanket adorable!?!?
Jerry got a new grill to go with his new home!
Matty, Joe and I in our match scarves on Christmas Morning.
Matty opens his loot!
Varney boys at Christmas lunch (which I made for both our families). They are wearing their Christmas paper crowns too! (It's a British tradition to crack popping packages. Inside is a crown, a joke and a toy. The Casses do this every year.)

Matty always refuses to wear his. Tommie made him. :)
This is my life-long friend, Penny. We were best friends in Kindergarten and were in the same homeroom for the following 7 years. We recently reconnected and after a few months, both turned up pregnant at the same time! We are due about 10 days apart. :)
Baby Room with new bedding and new mattress! We also have finally registered and are scheduled for birthing class next Saturday! My 7 month apt was yesterday and I start my every 2 weeks schedule now. He'll be here soon! In fact, we heard his heartbeat with an at home monitor today. Very cool!
Hope you had holidays as happy as ours! We can't wait for next year when Zeke will be able to do more than kick Mommy's tummy! (we DID have fun with that though!)