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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Day 26...or Day one...depends on how you look at it

Today we went to see the IVF coordinator. She has a name and a face at last!!! Her name is Meredith and I liked her immediately.
Backup....I called this morning to confirm our appt. for 1:00. The nurse who answered did NOT sound happy to be there. Here was our conversation:
Me: I need to confirm the time for my appt today.
Her: Name?
Me: Rachel Varney V-A-R-N-E-Y
Her:............what was your appt for?
Me:My Phase II appt for IVF
Me: I think it's for one oclock
Me: Okay. Another question. I am assuming I will learn how to do my injections today? Do I need to bring my medications?
Her: Yeah

Okay. So I have no idea what medicine to bring (I have about 15 different types, 3 of which are refirgerated). Not wanting to do the whole call over, I just pack it all up. So I have a huge tote bag FULL of medicine when Joe comes to get me.
We met with the lab tech guy first (at 12:30, even tho our appt. wasn't until 1.). He told us exactly what to expect with each appointment and what they will do on egg retrieval week. He told Joe that they will do his sperm aspirition the day before my egg retreival and then let the sperm develop a little overnite. He said testicular sperm are non-motile, so giving them a day will make some of them "perk up." He also said if they don't, there are things they can do to get them movin'. He also strongly suggested we freeze the remaining embryos after our cycle so we can do it again without all the prep work we are doing now. Basically, I would just have to do a little medication to prepare my uterus and then they'd put a frozen baby in me. :)
Then we waited on Meredith to come back from lunch. We were with her before 1 also and she gave me my calendar and answered lots of my questions. Tonite I start my Lupron injections. YIPES! I am a little nervous about it, but I was able to practice on a little squishy ball thing on how to inject, release the meds, take the syringe back out, etc. I also had a vaginal sonogram to check out my insides. All looked good. Ovaries are looking like they are supposed to once they are suppressed and my uterus is ready for my babies! So now all we do is injections for the next 10 days. On tuesday I stop taking my birth control. Next Friday I go back to add 2, yes TWO more shots to my daily regiment. Then I go back every other day until egg retreival. Here's what my calendar looks like. Wow. I'm going to be heavily medicated!
Start praying hard EVERY SINGLE DAY for us. Hopefully there will be Varney embryos in 21 days! Which will be my day of conception! Hooray!!! Pray for good, healthy sperm!
While we were waiting on Meredith, we saw an ad in the trash can for a plant place in Euless that was having a huge sale. We went and bought crepe myrtles for $9.88 each! Awesome!!

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Rebecca said...

The time is drawing near! I'm excited for you guys...just think...the twins hainv twins! Of course, you do the multiplcation and do 4 instead!