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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

nothing new

Nothing new to report. Looking forward to christmas, and starting a running list of all that needs to get done before the baby arrives!
1. register at the hospital

2. pick a pediatrician

3. take a birthing class

4. tour the birthing center

5. buy a mattress

6. register for gifts

7. research what I want for said gifts

8. get shower dates nailed down

9. etc etc etc

In the meantime...Any adivce on mattresses, car seats, high chairs, strollers, etc would be appreciated. And here's my belly at 27 weeks. :)

Saturday, December 05, 2009


I know.
I've heard.
I'm horrible about blogging.

Back when I was trying to get pregnant you got tired of hearing about it. And now that there is joy to share, I ain't sharin! I'll try to be better! :)

Quick update on the last couple of months:
1. Joe and I had our 4th anniversary on Nov 19th! We celebrated in SantaFe, eating great New Mexico cuisine and cuddling up by a fireplace with a warm blankie and a mexican hot chocolate!Joe sent me Callalillies....what I carried down the aisle. :)
2. We observed the 2nd loss we faced last year on Nov. 21st. We lost baby girl Varney to a DandC just over a year ago. It's hard to believe how life has changed in these past 12 months.

3. We went to Austin for Thanksgiving with my family and got to eat at the McMansion (the home McDonald's built....my great aunt sold her home and land to them and built a huge home with the money...thus the "McMansion.")

4. We had a very successful family literacy night at school, in which I had a unique piece of art for EVERY CHILD IN THE SCHOOL on display. Glad it's over, but man did the halls look good!

5. On November 2nd we found out we are having a boy!!! We had a little bit of a scare since the doctor couldn't find his stomach on the anatomy sono. We found everything else, and had to go back 2 weeks later to try again. In that time, I worried. I panicked a little. But ultimately I told God I trust him and believe that our baby is healthy and whole. And he was! He is squirmy as all get out and is measuring in the 89th percentile. Luckily, I am not. :) I have gained 8 lbs at last weigh in (3 weeks ago), and am guessing it's closer to 10 or 12 now.

6. I am a week and a half away from 3rd trimester! Can you believe that??? It's gone so fast and I am loving the kicks, the growing bump and the tummy rubs from my kiddos at school. I even had a kindergartener kiss my bump on Thursday. It was so cute! Anyhoo...I'm 24 weeks in the pic.
7. I hosted a brunch today for my girlfriends at church. Not a huge turnout this year, which turns out to be a good thing, as I was ready for a nap by 11! It's always fun to show off my holiday decorations and spend a few days baking and cooking for my pals! And this year had the added bonus of having a baby room to share too!

8. Creative juices are flowing....Joe and I did a holiday craft sale in Lubbock in November. I sold 6 things. Which made all our money back. But I have a bunch leftover. What to do with all those paintings...
I made new stockings for us. They say Mommy, Daddy and Zeke. :)
We also used our creativity to win the Woodland West Trunk or Treat on Halloween. We were the California Raisins. :)
That's what's been going on...and much more day to day busy times! We are anticipating fun times as we now go to birthing classes, chose a pediatrician and quickly near D-Day (delivery day). Let the countdown begin!