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Monday, July 28, 2008

day31 (Day6)

Mom and Dad left this morning to head to Southlake to celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary! Wow! Long time, right?
Now, my friend Tanya was in the neighborhood and stopped by to see my finds from Saturday that she had yet to see. Tanya and I spent several hours Friday and Saturday looking for gems at garage sales that we can refinish/paint/mosaic for a craft sale in November. She and I have been toying with the idea for a year or so, but are just now biting the bullet and giving it a try. Now those of you that know Tanya may or may not realize what a good artist she is. She is an amazing painter and has a real love of mosaics as well. I'll admit that she is a much better artist than I am. That's why I am merely a teacher and not really a practicing artist. :) However, I DO have some craft sense and a bit more artistic ability than the average person. That combo does allow me to do some things well. For the past few years I have really enjoyed painting furniture. It began as my dining set in my college apartment (a wood table with 4 mismatched chairs all painted with black and white checks and primary colors.) That led to painting reading chairs for teachers and now I am moving on to dressers, end tables, lamps and (yes) more chairs. Here's what I found this weekend. OH! I paid a grand total of $120! Wahoo!!
a coffee table that we flipped the top upside down on. it has an indented center that is PERFECT for tiling or broken tile mosaics!
A rocking chair that is very solid will go great with the children's furniture I'm doing!
A kids' set of table and chairs. Found these a ThriftTown in Arlington for $19! Not bad!I found 2 of these. They are swivel stools and were only 5 bucks! They will make great teacher stools.
This is my FAVORITE PIECE! This cottage style dresser is so adorable and well built. I love it! You can see I am trying something there on the drawers? I am going to finish each drawer with an animal print. My future nursery is going to have a jungle theme and I am painting this to go in that room. I may try to sell it, I may keep it for me, or I may leave it to chance. At any rate, it is going to be awesome!
An endtable I also found at ThriftTown. It's in great shape and even has a drawer! Still trying to think what I want to do with this one... I got 2 of these also. I am finishing them to match a pair of lamps I'm working on. They will be dark brown, icy blue and leopard print. (the lamps are just blue and brown striped). Here's where I am on the table right now.
Last, but not least, Is the console table. It was custom painted at some point by someone, but has seen better days. Again, only 5 bucks, so now I just have to wait for inspiration to strike! Any ideas?!?!?


Jake and Tanya Wilson said...

I LOVE what you have done so far with the furniture! It is going to be soo cute!
Hey, you give me way too much credit! It was your idea to do all the furniture stuff. And you know what? This is the first time I've done any kind of mosaic. Funny. I just came up with it one night (when I couldn't sleep) for the furniture. I put a picture of the table on my blog. :o)

Elisa said...

Be sure you take pictures of the finished products - I want to see what you do with these. Congrats on finding such good bargains!