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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Day 30(Day 5)

Sorry for the delay in posts. My mom has been here and she has kept me super busy! Normally I sleep til 8 or 9, get up and leizurely eat breakfast, shower, get dressed, make the bed, etc. Maybe by noon I'm ready to do something. MAYBE...Well, this week I have been pedal to the metal! Wednesday night Mom arrived to babysit me for the weekend while Joe is gone. It's the Mayes (my mother in law's) Family reunion in Corpus and with me starting meds, I needed to stay behind. Since we didn't know if I'd have a bad reaction or not, Mom said she'd come stay with me so Joe could go to the reunion. Aww!
So since Thursday morning we have spent a day in Granbury, garage saled for 2 full mornings with Tanya, seen Mamma Mia, had lunch with Melanie, shopped in the Highlands and couple thrift shops, chopped 6 heads of lettuce, 9 tomatoes and 3 onions for church today, taught a 4th grade class, and watched 2 netflix films. Whew! I've crashed hard when we finally slow down!
I will take pics of my wonderful garage sale finds and tell you all about my plans for those tomorrow. But I DO have 2 other little things to comment on in the news the past 2 days.
1. I read about an inter-racial couple who had twins in Germany last week. The mother is black and the father is white. But get this....the twins are BIRACIAL! One is very light skinned...almost white. The other is very dark black. Isn't that wierd!?!? Apparently it has occurred 4 times in recent years and doctors say it is possible in the genetic soup created when you concieve to have kids with different skin tints. Crazy, huh? Check out the link here!http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2008/07/25/biracial-twins-born-to-in_n_115037.html
2. I know how much you must all care about Brangelina and the twins. (About as much as I do, I hope). However, interesting news has broken about their new kiddos. THEY ARE INVITRO BABIES! Now, I firmly believe all these celebs having twins recently either did invitro or did some other sort of fertility treatment, as twins are not that common and these folks are a little old to be starting families. (J Lo, Julia Roberts, etc.) But here's the infuriating part. Speculation is that Brad told Angelina he wanted biological kids before they adopt any more and after a few months and no pregnancy, Angelina became worried Brad would leave her and opted to do invitro to "knock it out." How upsetting is that? Oh, I'm famous and rich and can get pregnant super fast. If I just fork out the money, then I don't have to wait. AND it'll help me hang on to this hot other celeb who I probably will never marry and not stay with much longer anyways. Ick.

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Ashhog said...

I read that about brad and angelina too. Made me mad also.

Do you watch Big Brother-silly reality show that I'm addicted to. Anyway-there is a woman on there who had twins, one with dark skin, one with light skin. Crazy!

Anyway-praying for you!