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Monday, July 07, 2008

day eight and nine

Didn't have a lot of time to blog about the past 2 days. Saturday we had a last minute change in plans and ended up just me and Joe with nothing to do for a whole day! That NEVER happens anymore! We slept on the sofa bed on Friday night and stayed there, watching movies until 2pm Saturday. **Did you remember that in FREQUENCY (starring Dennis Quaid and Jim Caviezal) the mom is Juliet from LOST? Or that young Gordy is none other than Michael Cera? Crazy, right????***At 2 we got up and got showered and dressed and headed out for a big date. We went to see WALL-E and out to dinner. ***WALL-E...such a social commentary on the direction of mankind and Earth in general. While it was cute and, of course, impresses me to no end how they can make a thing with no personality in real life seem lovable, the most interesting thing about this movie was when you consider what has happened to the world AND to it's people because of technology and an abuse of it. Pretty thought provoking.
I digress...yesterday we spent in Granbury with the Tindells and their family. We worshipped outside in a city park, swam at the "feach," walked thru the street market, and ate some great bbq and potatoes. Great day! We topped it off by seeing WANTED. Weird show. Really weird. Don't bother.
On the IVF front...still waiting to hear back on when we can start everything. Nada so far. I'm still happily just taking my pills and day dreaming about my big baby belly to come. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well!

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