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Wednesday, August 27, 2008


MY PANTS FIT TODAY!!!! HOORAY!!!! I put on some pants and they actually button and STAY buttoned! After 11 days of being a ballooned whale, I am getting close to my actual size again! Hooray!!!!Hopefully I will being getting small, just to balloon back up with babies!

Amy posted a funny pic on her blog of me I wanted to post here. This is me on Friday getting my IV after being dehydrated. I had blood taken twice (thus the elbow pads) and the first nurse couldn't get into my vein on my left hand, so we did the right one also. Thus I have 6 holes in me and patches on all elbows and hands. Whew!

You can see my big tummy (tho I hid it well by this time and my pregnant pal Mel in the other chair. God bless you Amy, Tanya and Melanie! What would I do without my girls!?!?

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