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Saturday, August 09, 2008

day 43 (day18)

Just a quick update...
Went to the doctor again today. On Thursday the E2 level was at 437 and I had no follicles that were big enough to measure yet. BUT...they said my E2 level was "very exciting" and looked promising. So much so that they backed off my dosage a little bit of follitism. (hooray!!!) Today I had several follicles big enough to measure, although the nurse thought none were even at 10 yet. But she was wrong! :) I had 3 that were over 10 already, one that was just shy of 10 and then another in 7 somewhere. Now, we gotta get to 18 before egg retrieval, so she said it may be past Monday before we are ready to trigger. She said her guess is I'll need another day or two. THEN...I heard back about my E2 levels and it is at 1476!!!! That's more than 3 times what it was two days ago! That gives me hope that I may be ready for a trigger shot on Monday after all! So pray hard for us that my follicles are building up hard these next 2 days and that Monday we will be ready to roll! If that is the case, Joe will have his procedure on Tuesday and I will have egg retrieval Wednesday. If I need another day or two...so be it. But we should have some little Varney embryos by Friday. Exciting!

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