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Sunday, August 17, 2008


Wow...fifty days since I started my birth control pills? Crazy!
We got the call today that 13 of the 14 eggs were injected with little swimmers. 10 fertilized! TEN!!!! I was expecting maybe 7. MAYBE!?!?! This is huge news! Several will not grow well, but we should have about half at embryo transfer. This means that we will have more than enough and probably a couple of good ones left to freeze (which is a rarity in and of itself.) God is continually blessing us with more than we have asked, which is scary since we've asked for twins also. :) Continue to pray for us and our little embryos that they grow and those cells multiply perfectly. My appt. is at 11:15 on Thursday for embryo transfer, so I should be home by 1 or 2pm if you want to come say hello! I'm back to work the next 2 days, which will hopefully make this week go faster. Can't wait to see what news is next!

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