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Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Good news...GOOD NEWS!!!! We waited all day to hear from the lab, and no phone calls were a'comin'! So at 3pm I was getting ancy and looked at my paperwork where it stated the embryos are ASSESSED on day three (today), but nothing about being notified. However, there WAS a note about calling the lab direct for updates. So that's what I did. They knew who I was when I called, without identifying myself. (how crazy cool is that?!?) The lab tech said that on day three they like the embryos to have at least 6 cells. One of our embryos has 5 cells (a little subpar), but the other nine have EIGHT CELLS!!!! That's so exciting!!! The lab tech said that something catostrophic would have to happen to not have SEVERAL excellent embryos on Thursday! Every day the news is better and better!!!

Side note: Meredith said nothing but gatorade until Thursday. I am about to DIE! I hate gatorade!!!! Is there any flavor that doesn't taste like funky koolaid? Any suggestions on other drinks with electrolytes?

This is my worst nightmare!!!! Yeck!


Jake and Tanya Wilson said...

You could always try Pedialyte! They come in popsciles too! :o)
Hey... so when is movie marathon??

The Best Family said...

YAY for good news... I can hear your smile as I am reading the words on my screen. God is so good.
as far as drinks... At HEB here, they have stuff called Vitamin Water that is ok tasting. Or have you tried Capri Sun sport drinks? My boys love those and they arent as bad a gatorade to me. I am not a big fan of gatorade either, but my favorite is the Rain flavor. It is not a icky as the others.

Brandon and Dee said...

We are praying so hard for y'all! I am encouraged daily by your good news. As for gatoraid, I like the Frost flavors, and the new Tiger Woods flavors are good too. Power Aid is my favorite all around sports drink, so you may want to try that. Have fun hydrating!

DavitaJo said...

Sonic has a yummy blue Power Aid slush. Not sure that qualifies...but it tastes really good!

Melanie said...

Hey! The only gatorade formula I've found that I like is to water-down the "rain" or "frost" flavors. It's much better and actually refreshing that way instead of making me sick. :)