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Monday, August 11, 2008

day 45 (day20)

Doctor appt at 7:30am again! This morning they told me several good things.
1. My blood circulation is "excellent" it my uterus. Apparently about half of women doing IVF don't have blood flow register on their sono. Mine was bright blue and red all over and the nurse said that was "excellent and very important for implanting."
2. My uteran lining is very thick. The nurse said they look for a thickness around 8 and mine was almost 11. She said that is really good because the thickness is what makes the eggs attach. The thicker, the stickier and more likely to grab onto that egg.
3. My follicles are growing steadily. On Saturday I had some around 10, if you will recall. Today I had several more and most were around 13 or 14. In fact, the nurse said I have probably 15-20 on each ovary. Which means LOTS of eggs are heading my way! She said my dosage of follistim and menopur is pretty low so I don't hyperovulate and make way to many eggs. So...best guess is that egg retreival will be on Friday, August 15th and implanting on Wednesday, August 20th. So for those of you planning to come see me on bedrest, I'll be laid out on Friday the 15th and Wednesday-Saturday the 20th-23rd. Anyone who wants to come sit with me and Mom and watch movies, feel free to stop by!
I will let you guys know when I have a confirmed date so you can pray for us at the moment we are undergoing procedures. There is a possibility it'll be bumped one more day, but hopefully we will be a go for Friday! Keep praying!

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Jake and Tanya Wilson said...

Count me in for movies!! :o)