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Saturday, August 16, 2008


This morning I went in for my egg retrieval at 8am. Mom, Momma T, Amy and Joe were with me and we were laughing it up in the waiting room...making quite a ruckus!

Again, we were taking pictures and making the nurses laugh. Momma T took several pics with my doctor and nurses, so I'll post those when I get them from her.
This morning when I was getting ready to leave the house, Joe was looking at my tummy and said," you look like you're already pregnant!" My abdomen was SO SWOLLEN! It looked like I was about 4 months! Later on today my nurse, Meredith, said that my ovaries were each the size of a grapefruit! (Normally they are almond sized.) She said they were so big they were smooshing into eachother. No wonder I have to pee all the time!
All 4 of my guests were able to be in pre-op with me, meet my anesthesiologist, doctor and nurse. It was wierd to be knocked out. I've never had an IV or anything but local anesthsia, so when my head started spinning, it was kinda strange. I fell asleep very easily and woke up in the recovery room. Joe said the procedure took about an hour and I was in recovery for 45 minutes or so.
They found 14 eggs and miraculously found even more sperm from Joe again today! The embryologist said they have enough to fertilize EVERY egg!!! I am so excited! They said I had very mature eggs and they will call me tomorrow with the news of how many embryos we have. Then I will hear again Tuesday how they are progressing, and have them transferred Thursday probably. Things look VERY promising and we are 100% confident that God has chosen this time to bless us with a baby, or maybe babies!!!
Last night I was thinking about how God has orchestrated this time for us. If Joe hadn't been told he needed TESE, we wouldve started this in April. If he hadn't melted down from that, we would have started in June. If we hadn't had to see a specialist to perform TESE, we wouldve started in July. But God knew we wouldn't need TESE, just that it was the means he could use to place us in his time. Awesome. It's gonna happen, yall! We're gonna have a baby!!!

Keep praying for us!


Michelle said...

Congrats on getting this far. Sounds like things are going well. I am praying that all those little Varney's will grow just right.

The Best Family said...

you guys look just giddy in those pics... so cute! I cant wait to meet "baby Varney" that we have all been praying for!
And be sure that Joe knows that this may just be the ONLY time it is acceptable to tell a woman that she already looks pregnant when she is not. By my 4th time around, I looked 4 months pregnant and was "showing" before we even conceived Bryson! :o)