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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Day36 (Day11)

Everything yesterday was good with my Estradiol Level Blood Test. (I scored 36.7!!! Anyone know what that means? Me either...) Apparently it's good. So I started my new shots today and they were actually much easier than I anticipated. My Menopur was VERY slow going in, but nothing hurt, and it didn't take me as long as I thought it might. Got all three mixed or put together and injected in 7 minutes. Not bad for my first time!
In other news...I love my husband. I really haven't said a lot about my boy in this process. At least not for a while, but he is the greatest man and has been my rock in all this. Every night he kisses where I inject my medicine and every night he prays for our future and the baby he KNOWS is coming. Today we were working at the Wilson's all day and every small glance I shared with Joe just lit up my heart. If it's possible, I love him more now than I ever have. I love how he winks at me across crowded rooms. I love how he's more than willing to give silly grins and waves to me despite being in a room full of his buddies. And I love how he always is ready to give me a kiss, a hug and tell me he loves me. I love how he loves me. When we were driving home tonight, I looked over at him and thought...no matter what happens at the end of this month, everything will be okay, because I have this wonderful man to share my life with. There's no one else I can imagine going through all the ups and downs with. I would marry him again in a heartbeat. Thank you God, for giving me someone so wonderful to share my life with!


Taylor said...

I know all about E2 levels!!! It was low... and that was good so you could start your shots! I'm praying for you!

I didn't do near as many in a month as you have to do... but I did do Follistim and it was a piece of cake!! In fact I enjoyed the shots much more than the pill (Clomid). I'm pleased to hear that the other ones aren't near as bad as you thought they would be! :)

The Best Family said...

very sweet post... and precious picture of the 2 of you...

Being a Star said...

Is michelle star, I went to RHCC back in 2004. I am now marired found your blog on the brackeens. You guys look so happy. I will be praying for you.