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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

4 more days!!!

Saturday at 9am I will be in the doctor's office for my blood test! I'm getting really anxious to know!!! How am I going to feel when they tell me? If it's "No" am I going to be crushed? If, I mean WHEN, it's "YES", am I going to cry? Be surprised? Start laughing? I have no idea!?!?
I've been back to school for 2 days now and have done pretty well. Yes, I am still very tired. Yes, I have to pee ALL THE TIME (thanks Gatorade!). But my nausea has gotten much more under control and my husband was actually able to touch me without me wincing last night! Poor Joe hasn't been able to touch me at all, except for rubbing my aching back for quite a while now. And with my big ol' swollen belly, he can't even lay close to me without inciting pain. I'm finally starting to lose some of that fluid now and it's making me much more comfortable. Although, hardly any of my clothes fit. Every night I have to try on multiple outfits in attempt to find something that doesn't make me appear pregnant. (Not an easy feat.) None of my pants button and even my stretchy clothes just accentuate the big tumtum. Hopefully on Saturday it won't matter a lick anymore because being pregnant will be my excuse! Hooray!!!

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Sheila Fairly said...

Bless your heart dear! It will all be worth it. You are on my heart and in my prayers as you anxiously await your test tomorrow!
Love, Sheila