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Friday, October 17, 2008

things are looking up

So my friend Jamie does this thing called THE HAPPY LIST. She keeps track of things that are funny, amusing, or just smile worthy and jots them in a journal she carries in her purse. She's done this since high school and it's really fun to go back and read them. In a mere 4 or 5 words, we can remember an entire evening of hillarity from college.
My mom has been suggesting that I start writing down 3 things that make me happy every day. Just to keep in perspective how good my life really is. So in that spirit...here are a few things I've found to be happy about this week.
1. Gas keeps getting cheaper! I found it for $2.59 today!
2. Kids who talk like grown-ups. Here was an exchange today:
Me: How do we find the middle of the oval? (We're drawing faces)
Ricardo: I'm going to use one of my strategies to solve this problem.
Me: What?!!?
Ricardo: You know, a strategy? I'm gonna use one from first grade. If I use my fingers I can find the middle fast.
3. The state fair! I LOVE fried stuff with cheese! :) We tried chicken fried bacon. Not all that. But we DID see a bunch of great stuff, including a zebra, a camel, and a giraffe!
4. The circus! On Wednesday Joe and I went to the Shrine Circus with our new friends James and Kristen. It was AWESOME! How come we don't go to the circus as adults? It's incredible! The contortionists? The tight rope walkers? The motorcycle steel cage? It's fantastic! And spending some quality time with new friends is always enjoyable too!
5. Painting. I'm still painting more furniture. And I LOVE IT!!! It's therepuetic to me. Wish I had enough time to work on it every day.
6. Things to look forward to this weekend. Two MAJOR ones.....going to see the Color Purple Musical with my husband and his parents tomorrow. And...the big day has finally arrived....a day I have waited for for months now....NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK! I'm going with 4 girlfriends to see them in concert in Dallas on Sunday night! Whoohoo!!!! Look for a post about THAT on Monday!


leslie said...

Hey girl! Sorry I'm not very good at leaving comments. But I do enjoy reading your blog! Let me just say.. can you please come to Abilene and paint Kaitlyn's boring white furniture?!?! You are so talented! You need to totally open your own store or website or something.
I think of you often!!

Penny said...

Hey Rach, I agree about your furniture. I have some doll furniture (plain white) that I've been wanting to spruce up for my daughter. I wish I had your talent! As far as NKOTB-I'm so jealous!! I still have the cassette tape you made me for my birthday in 5th..6th grade. Take lots of pictures!

Anonymous said...

The table is awesome! I'll be "hangin' tough" to hear how the NKOTB concert was. :) Love ya!

Rebecca said...

That's a good list of happy things! I can't wait for our dinner date tomorrow night.

Jamie said...

I hope you are compiling your daily happy thoughts into a journal or a Word document!