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Monday, October 20, 2008

Big weekend for me!

My weekend was so fantastic! I went out with Amy and Audrey on Friday and sat talking for hours at Red Robin. On Saturday I went to see the COLOR PURPLE musical with my inlaws and my hubby (can't beat a good musical!) But Sunday was the big day. 2 HUGE events!
First of all, my old roommate, maid of honor at my wedding, Melanie had her baby! Here are a couple of pics of me and Joe with Grady Cole Henderson.

And the 3 hours I've waited for since 5th grade...


I saw NKOTB when I was 11 with my Mom. It was the highlight of my young life, as I ADORED these boys. So when I found out they were not only back together, but touring?!?!? Oh my!!! I MUST BE THERE! So I went with 4 other girlfriends to the event of the year...to see those heart-throbs from the late 80's, known as NKOTB!

The concert was awesome! They did all their old hits, even the old dances. We screamed, we sang, we danced. It was such a blast! So here's a few of my favorite pics from this amazing night... Big Finale??? Hangin' Tough, of course!!!

"I'll Be Lovin' You Forever"...I WILL be lovin you boys forever. :)

Oh to be on that floor right now. I think Amanda would have hyperventilated and dropped like a rock.

"Please Don't Go Girl" Joey really doesn't want me to go. Look! He's on his knees for goodness sake!

Look how they point to us and we point to them. Awww. (No we are not on the front row. Nowhere close to that).

Yeah...you know it. We're hangin tough

my boys then and now...time has been good, eh?

And now...and ode to each member. Why I love them and why they are now and forever my favorite boy band...

Jordan Knight. You still can hit those insane high notes. How do you do it? And how does your body look like that when you are easily 10 or more years older than me?!?! I remember my first boyfriend asking me out on a note...left on my Jordan doll. (Yeah, I had one...complete with the rat-tail hair.) The highlight of the night was the "Didn't I Blow Your Mind" with your open shirt flapping in the wind. Classic.

Jonathan Knight. You may be Jordan's brother. You may be the strong, silent type. You may even have anxiety issues that casue you never to be in the spotlight or soloing. But I love you none the less. You can still dance like you could 15 years ago. To that, I tip my hat. Ah...Joey McIntyre. You were my favorite. Sure, I loved Jordan. (Who didn't). But I secretly believed I could marry you since you were the youngest. Instead, I found my own singin Joey. :) You sounded amazing last night and I'm pulling for a Joey solo career! Oh! And thanks for singing "Please Don't Go Girl" just for me. Danny Wood. Let's face it, you never were the looker of the group. But you do have amazing biceps now. And come to think of it, you always were the muscle man of the group. Rock on, man.
Donnie Wahlberg. You're a Wahlberg. What more needs to be said? In the words of Amy last night, "that momma made some pretty fine boys."

Who was your favorite Kid? Or weren't you a blockhead too?


Being a Star said...

Oh i am a huge fan...i was unable to go to the concert. Joey was my fav growing up but jordan is becoming my fav. I always loved jonathan when others were googoo over donnie. I have a friend who went to 2 concerts for the boys here is here link check out her pics. http://brysonsfamily.blogspot.com/

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! That looked like so much fun!!! I was definately a Jordan girl! :)

Penny said...

How fun!! If you remember, I was a Jon Knight fan. He was the quietest like I used to be. I also liked him because not many girls did so I thought that gave me an advantage! Wish I could've been there!