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Friday, March 30, 2007

fungus face!

I have this weird thing on my face, right by my ear. It started as a bump that itched, so I assumed it was a bite of some sort. I put anti-itch creme on it and thought that was that.

But it kept growing! It turned into this welp that is about as big as a nickle and is flat in the middle, raised on the edges. It itches every now and then, but it is very unsightly. In fact, I no longer can pull my hair back because I am trying to hide it all the time.

Joe was joking with me about and said,"It's probably a ringworm." Well, initially I was like, "yeah whatever!" But it turns out...I have a ringworm...on my face! I am a fungus face. :(

Apparently, ringworm is the same fungus as athlete's foot or jock itch, just located in a different place. It's treated with the same lotions, creams, etc. So now I am having to scrub my face in warm soapy water twice a day and add this stinging solution to it afterward. It's supposed to kill the fungus in 2-4 WEEKS! How long must I be so deformed??? :)

But seriously, where did I contract this? We don't have pets, I don't rub my face on Joe's nasty fungus feet. The only thing I can figure is I hugged a kid who has ringworm on his scalp. (You know how you lean your cheek on their heads when you hug them?) I have no idea...but there it is. And here's my fugus face (covered with make-up somewhat):
Please pity me. It's no fun feeling sorry for yourself all alone. ;)


Brandon & Dee said...

I am so sorry about your unfortunate run in with the fungus. When I adopted a cat from the pound, I had it in 3 places, including my face! I feel your pain, and I am so sorry! Take care!
I love keeping up with you through your blog!
Hope all is well!

Onyx101 said...

I feel your pain, I know what you are going through. i have the same thing. I was researching what might be wrong with my face when I came up on your blog, thanks to you I know what is on my face. I believe I can know search for what I need to get rid of it. Hope your face clear up.

Onyx101 said...

After researching about the fungus and reading about other people getting rid of it in some weird way, I decided to try my own way of getting rid of it, so I cleaned my face with hydrogen peroxide. After a couple minutes my face started to feel dry, and peeled. I remove the dead skin and then clean over the dry part again with the hydrogen peroxide, it burns everytime I weould do that, but that's how I know it works. Within days, my skin was back to normal, NO FUNGUS! NO ITCH! NO SWELLING! Try it out guys, it works and is truely efffective.