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Monday, March 26, 2007

sad and happy

On Friday we got shocking news at school. My principal is leaving us. She put in her resignation in February so she can stay home with her 4 year old. Totally a legitimate reason, but still sad for us. It was a big surprise to us all, and needless to say, good principals come around once in a blue moon, so we are preparing for a fall now. Marci has been a wonderful leader and I became the teacher I wanted to be under her administration. She'll be greatly missed. The first year she was at our school (4 years ago...) we gave her a standing ovation at her doorway on the last day of school. That's how we feel about her. So sad....

But 2 so happies make up for it (at least for now.)
Happy #1:

Our backyard is becoming a haven instead of a disaster! Last year we had a big mudslide that landed in our backyard (since we were one of 2 inhabited lots at the time.) This brought in a collection of weeds you would not believe! With the rain and start of spring arriving faster than we could prepare for it, we were looking at 4 foot weeds last week. (I did not take pictures for sheer embarrassment at the state of my lawn.) On Saturday, we had 3 teens come help us and we pulled for 2 straight hours. We hung potted plants, potted some marigolds for our rock wall, and planted rose bushes. Joe and I even went and bought steel gazebo to construct next weekend. Soon we'll have patio furniture under a gorgeous gazebo and be surrounded by nature's beauty. Hooray for teamwork (and surplus of $ due to overtime!)
Happy #2:
I started guitar lessons! Don't tell my brother, but I am taking up the strummin instrument and let me tell you, it is no easy task! The music teacher at my school is graciously teaching me and a few other teachers for free on Mondays after school. It is going to be a lot of fun, but hard work on the ol' fingers!

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