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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

what do you think?

I have been given an opportunity for a major change in my life. A major career change....possibly.

My church here in Arlington is looking, for the first time ever, for a children's minister. I dismissed this as no chance for me, as it will never pay as much as my teacher salary. (How sad is that?) So on Sunday at the LTC celebration dinner at church, a couple I highly respect asked me why I hadn't applied yet. I told them money. They told me they are quite sure it will be worthwhile in the paycheck area. So I contacted one of the elders and now I am being asked to submit a resume.

Now this is major jump for me. I fully expect it to go nowhere, but what if it went SOMEWHERE? Would this be wise move? Could I get the salary I would require to maintain our standard of living? Do I really want to walk away from my teaching career when I have finally found an art position? It's all up in the air, just beginning to push the wheel into turning.

What do you think? Wise? Stupid? Pros? Cons? I need to really have a lot of input an think it through from all angles. It's a big change. And I need to decide if I'm open to it.


Jamie said...

You know more about getting in and out of teaching than I do, but I would definitely consider how leaving and coming back in a few years would work. Also, the art position and grant writing look great on a resume, and both of those could lead to different positions outside teaching. You mentioned grant writing providing a good income and also allowing you to stay home with your kids, when that time comes. Big plus. The children's ministry position would also have flexible hours, I suppose. Good in general. Children's ministry still keeps you in the kid field for experience if you go back to teaching. Do a good job at this church, and you could get a job with more money at a bigger church, if that is something you and Joe would ever consider. Is Joe still looking at changing jobs? If so, do you want to take a lower paying job (with less job security on a year-to-year basis I assume) while he changes jobs, possibly for less money. I'm thinking he would make more money, but I don't know. As the first children's minister, you'd be able to come up with the curriculum, and you have the skills for that with your degree and experience in education. It's a lot of responsbility but also great experience. Do you want to give up teaching? There is no harm in applying, but do not feel pressured to take the job just because people at church want you to. But if you want it, go for it. Ministries always rely on volunteers, so you could still be involved without being employed. Those are the things that jumped into my head. If I think of any more, I'll let you know. I would definitely talk to people in ministry about the pros and cons of employment at a church. That's a whole different ballgame. New opportunities are always exciting, no matter what the outcome.

Ashhog said...

That is a very awesome opportunity for you Rachel! I'm excited for you and Joe! As far as advice goes...I think your friend Jamie covered just about everything. Keep in mind that more and more schools are creating art jobs and are looking for certified teachers instead of aides to teach the class. So...if you did take the job at church, there is a good chance that you would find another art job if you ever decided to leave. I'm happy for Ya'll!

Melanie said...

Ditto to Jamie's excellent thoughts. I'll add just two more. MAJOR BENEFIT: Ministry is a blast and getting paid to have a blast (at least sometimes)? Well... gotta love that. MAJOR DRAWBACK: This one has taken me a while to grasp, but there is something very difficult about being "at work" when you're "at church." It inevitably gets complicated.

I think you would be a wonderful children's minister. But you are also, as seen in your teaching career so far, excellent there as well. Lots and lots of prayer seems to be in your near future!

stephen b said...

go for it. this is something you are made to do. teaching will always be there, that is something that will never go away, but this might. if you interview, then get offered the job, you can always turn it down, but i think you have to at least consider it. just my 2 cents.