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Thursday, March 08, 2007

lift him up

My first year teaching, my portable building was shared with a teacher new to our school...Sue Anderson. She's about my Mom's age and had a few years experience teaching in a private school. We both were teaching 1st grade and she really is what helped me become a good teacher those first couple of years. She was the one person I spoke to EVERY day and as we stayed late day after day, planning and working together, we became friends.

Sue found out last year that her husband has bone cancer. He is constantly in pain and undergoing tests, surgeries and treatments. In the fall, he took a bad turn and Sue was forced to leave school for 7 weeks to take care of him. This semester has not been much better. Weekly trips to the hospital and constant pain keeps him in ongoing need from Sue, while she is still trying to maintain full time teaching.

Today, Sue left mid-day to take him to the emergency room again. She knows there is really nothing to be done for him and the constant giving of her self completely to his care is wearing her down. I was so happy at lunch today to be a part of the staff at my school. There were probably 12 or so of us eating together when we got the news that Eric was on the way to the ER again. We all stopped and prayed together for Eric and Sue. How amazing to have people of faith surrounding me at work!

I say all this just to simply ask prayers for Sue, Eric and their family. We are going through this with her and want to be all the things she needs from us.

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