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Thursday, September 11, 2008

hi ho! hi ho! its off to the doctor we go!

We went for our followup to failed fresh cycle appointment today. Wow. That was a mouthful! Dr. Kevin went through our chart with us and told us repeatedly how great we did. He said I produced great eggs. He said usually not all of them are good quality, but ALL of mine were mature and good. Then Joe didn't have to have surgery (YAY!!!) Usually 60% of eggs are successfully fertilized. ALL of ours were successful. He said that is very unusual. Then to add to the unusualness...they all grew! He said that again, only 60% usually mature. While not all of ours did good enough to freeze, he said we got so many! He said our 2 that we implanted were pretty good quality but we have even better ones frozen. (Why didn't they implant those? Well, they got to grow a few more days, so they got better over those days.) He explained that my pregnancy was biochemical, which I thought meant the baby never fully attached. He said it DID attach and started growing, but then stopped. For reasons we may never know. He said it was nothing I did or took that caused it, probably a problem in the embryo itself. Hmmmm. One of those things I'll have to ask God about later.

So Dr. Kevin is very optimistic about this round. It's cheaper, it's faster, and it's easier on my body. WHOO HOO!!!! So all the paperwork is done. All the money is paid. We are scheduled to start!!! Yay!!!!

Now the predicament I'm in. I LOVE BLOGGING ABOUT THIS!!!! But I don't want to publicly miscarry again. I don't want to go through the possible downs with everyone I know. I want so much to tell you everything, but I know there's a reason people don't tell everyone they are pregnant for several weeks. What do I do? Can I really keep my mouth shut about everything? (of course I can't!) I'm going to attempt to just keep this between our families and close friends, but I know i will cave here and there. All this to say, I want you to pray with us. I want you jump up and down screaming when I have babies in my tummy that are actually growing! so please email me. call me. Check in on me. But don't look for big news here. At least not for a while. I will email those of you who comment often and I know need an update. And I will self blog on WORD and save highlights for when I'm done and telling everyone! Deal?

So look for something other than embryos on my blog the next few weeks/months. What else is ther to talk about???


Ashhog said...

That all sounds great Rachel! I can't wait to hear that great news from you guys. I totally understand about keeping things under wraps....but I DO want to know the big stuff...like...You're Pregnant! THAT you better blog about! :) Praying for you guys!

Rebecca said...

It all sounds like a much better situation this time around, and I'm more confident that this time it's going to take for good. You guys sticking with two or are you a glutten for punishment?!? :) Mitch and I are kind of thinking triplets might be fun!

Michelle said...

I totaly understand. I had two misscarriages and they were both hard to deal with, but the one that I had already told everyone that I was pregnant was harder to handle. Know that I am praying here. You are going to be an amazing Mom!! (You were a great Big Sis)

Hopeful Mother said...

I understand completely. Still praying for you guys!!

Jaime said...

I am ready to start jumping up and down at a moment's notice!! You just tell me when girl!

Anonymous said...

That makes perfect sense. I'm glad that things are looking up for ya'll again. I will keep praying for ya'll!

The Giles Family said...

Rachel -
My family is praying for you guys. I can't wait to hear the good news! I totally understand wanting to keep it to yourself for a while.