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Saturday, September 27, 2008


You need to see this movie. I heard Kirk Cameron speak about 5 years ago at an evangelism conference and it changed me. He was so inspiring and passionate about his faith. It was impressive.

I went to see FIREPROOF with my inlaws and some of their couple friends today. No Joe. Just me. If you dont know (like I didn't when I entered the theatre), this is the story of a couple whose marriage is falling apart. FAST. Neither are making it work and both are ready to quit. Through a series of events, the hard-headed husband (Kirk Cameron) is persuaded by Dad to take the "Love Dare" for 40 days. Every day there is something new to do to try and salvage his marriage. Through the story, not only does he find God and faith, but he realizes how much he really does love his wife and wants her to stay with him.

Now being a movie lover, I have to say that the dialogue/acting was like something out of A Walk to Remember or some other such cheesy feel good story. But the story is just so wonderful. So relevant. I ended up loving it! I found myself crying at several points in the story because I felt so emotionally connected. It was so great to see a sold out theater watching people talk openly about God and what he can do in your life!

At one point I found myself teary listening to the words of a song. Its at a point where Kirk's character is waiting on God to move, well into his 40 day "dare." The words fit any point where you find yourself in a trial you have to wait out. Any time that you are doing what you can, but waiting on God to swoop in. Here's what I remember from the lyrics. Sorry, I don't know who sings it...

While I'm waiting I will serve You

While I'm waiting I will worship

While I'm waiting I will not faint

I'll be running the race

Even while I wait I'm waiting

I'm waiting on You, Lord

It talks about being peaceful and faithful as you wait on God. Great song.

Anyhow...this movie made me appreciate my wonderful husband and the sweet way he always does things for me. Several moments in the movie, Kirk Cameron is trying things to show he cares that my boy does almost on a daily basis. He always calls to see if I need something on his way home from work. He calls me just to say hi and that he loves me. He buys me flowers for no reason. And he genuinely loves to do things to make me smile. In fact, just tonight our plans kind of went by the wayside and Joe was so excited to take me to my favorite store and buy me a new jacket (my fashion weakness). I told him over and over I didn't need it. We need to save that money. But he insisted. He wanted to "keep me looking pretty (wink)."

I'm so blessed to not be facing this particular trial in my life. I have a husband who loves me so much and so unconditionally. And I try to tell him and show him everyday that I would marry him all over again, and that he is not only my husband, but my very best friend. He was for years before I fell in love with him and I thank God for allowing me to spend my life with him.

So...see this movie.


Brandon and Dee said...

I would love to see you! What fun! I would love to get and talk with you! I bet our husbands would get along great! We are pretty flexible, so let me know if there is a time that would be good for y'all! My email is (dee dot brandon at gmail dot com)

Patrick Roberts said...

I just got back from watching Fireproof... it was great to see such a different-flavored movie on the regular, big screen