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Saturday, September 27, 2008

5 Questions

Did you ever see Craig Kilborn on the Late Late Late Show? Or on what is now the Jon Stewart Show (it used to be hosted by Craig Kilborn?) He has this thing where his interviews only consist of 5 questions. It keeps it short and with strategic questions, you can get some good info and (hopefully for him) a few laughs too.
Mom and I were talking last week about a 5 Questions class that she has done on Wednesday nights with ladies before. It's been rolling in my brain for the past 5 days and I thought it would be good to do here. The idea is that you get a panel of 3 ladies who have all faced a similar struggle (cancer, divorce, alcholoism, etc.) and have them answer the same 5 questions about how it affected them. The hope is that it will inform people better about what it is like to stand in these people's shoes and what they can do to help in those times. It also lets women get to know eachother in a way they may not be able to day to day.
Through my months of infertility I've had a lot of ups and downs (more downs I'm sad to say.) And now through miscarriage I have yet another story to tell. So I'm going to take a crack at this. I hope it's enlightening!
1. In a couple of sentences, tell us why you qualify for this topic. (miscarriage)
I got pregnant after a year and a half and some fertility procedures. I only stayed pregnant 8 days past when I had my first pregnancy test. I miscarried on Sept 7, 2008.
2. What are some things that people said or did that made it easier?
I had several women at church hug and cry with me. Knowing people were sad for me was nice. My friends at work all check on me daily and make sure I really am as okay as I try to let on. We were with Amy and Brian when I physically miscarried and it was good to be with friends then, even tho I didn't feel like I needed people with me. It wasn't a meltdown, devastating moment. I knew it was coming. I got a really sweet card from my Aunt Jackie in Lubbock. And the ladies at Hannah Group have been really great to spend time with us, helping Amy and I think through what has happened to us.
3. What did people do that hurt?
Mostly what hurts is when people do nothing or act like it's part of the process. "I thought it was wierd that it worked the first time. Doesn't IVF usually take a couple of tries usually?" I know that sounds wierd because that has been my general outlook on it too. I have looked at it as a failed IVF cycle and not a death of my first child. I'm putting people between a rock and a hard place. I want people to be worried about me and ask me how we're doing and be as sad as they were happy when the news was good. But I also tell them I'm fine and we're moving on to the next step. Of course they leave me alone about it then! I guess it is starting to catch up to me that I should be having a sonogram this week to hear a heartbeat. I should be finding out if there are twins growing in me. But there is nothing there. The baby that was once growing in me is with God now. I understand that people don't know what to say to me.
4. What do you wish people would have done differently or said differently?
I wish more people would say something. I expected more cards. More calls. More emails. And there just weren't many at all. Lots of people did exactly what I needed...gave me a hug and told us they love us. That's been the best thing anyone has done. It's nice to know that people know, care, and will let me know that. It was hard to go through this while Amy was too. Her grief was so much more than mine and so the floodgate flowed to her from lots of people. Even from me, I directed all emotion to concern for her. I wish I could have recieved more of the outpouring. I'll remember that next time I hear someone else has miscarried. I know I have had friends experience that and done nothing also. But going through it makes me so much more aware of what it really means.
5. How has this strengthened your relationship with God?
Especially in the past week, I have been talking to God a lot about that baby. Was it a he or a she? Are they okay? Is Jesus rocking them to sleep every night? Have they found baby Tindell and started causing a ruckus up there? At Hannah Group last week they were talking to us about our babies being in Heaven and it was a thought I hadn't really had yet. I hadn't thought about my baby being "dead." I was still thinking "the embryo didn't stick." But now, I have really found a lot of comfort in the fact that God has my little one. A friend at group gave Amy and I a song called "Glory Baby." At first I didn't think it really applied to me. After all , this doesn't feel like a loss or a miscarriage. But it is. And now I feel that. This song is speaking to getting to see our lost children someday in Heaven and finally getting to hold them. After listening to that song about 12 times in my car, I listened to praise music. And found myself unable to sing along without crying. (not good when you are driving.) I find myself very connected in praise right now to God. My emotions are completely wrapped up in it. I like feeling close to him again and I love that praise is where I find myself closest. Right now I'm not feeling excited or hopeful, nor worried and scared about the next round of IVF. I think I'm in a state of normalcy for the first time in a while and completely content to be with my husband, resting in God's hand.

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Marie said...

I don't know you but I came across your blog a while back and have been following your story. I want you to know I am VERY sorry for your loss and I will keep you and your family in my prayers. I don't know what it is like to have a miscarrage but I know life can give us some pretty hard blows. I do hope and pray that the Lord will give you and your husband a baby soon. Best of luck to you.