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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

in vitro in our lives

Doctor says this is our best chance. In vitro. What's that entail? When? How much? Don't know yet. Few more tests to run. We'll meet back with him at the end of March to make further plans. Obviously NOT what we wanted to hear today. Pray for God to take that small SMALL possibility that we can do this on our own before we start down this road to further debt!
Thanks for your prayers...


Leilanni said...

Hi Rachel - we've met a few times . . .i grew up at WW and my parents still go there. Holly directed me to your blog after seeing your last couple of entries. I am so, so sorry - I know this road is difficult, confusing and so trying. We went through a 2 year infertility struggle ourselves and I would love to talk with you more . . .e-mail me if you'd like - b_ljones[at]sbcglobal.net

I also have 2 friends that went through IVF and I'm sure would be more than happy to answer any questions, too.

Anyway - I know it's hard. Praying for you!!

stapes said...

I sent you an e-mail! My mom works with your mother-in-law... my fertility clinic offered clinical studies that are free (I did one myself). I can sure get you some more info because I know how expensive it can be. Please know that I'm praying for you.

Jaime said...

As a NICU nurse, I have seen many a baby helped made possible by fertility interventions. I know it will happen for you guys b/c you guys have such a gift for love and b/c mocha babies are the cutest!! :) I love you both and I am so glad that God has opened the flood gates of support for you and Joe. I hate that you are saddened at this time and that I can offer nothing tangent to change the hurt. So many people love you guys and we stand by you through your tears and can't wait to rejoice with you in smiles!!

stephen b said...

Hey kiddo - We will be praying for y'all.
If there is anything you need please let us know.

Elisa said...

Rach, I'm thinking about and praying for you this morning. Hope that you have a good day.