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Thursday, October 26, 2006

pray people!

I have applied for a great opportunity in my district. We are writing new curriculum for the whole FWISD based in standards-based learning. They are hiring 7 people in each learning discipline (art, music, english, math, etc.) to write the program. Each person "hired" will be given a laptop and paid $3600. It's intensive for about a month and a half and then done. I wrote my 1000 word essay application last night. (Let me tell you how fun THAT was!) I haven't written a paper since junior year! Anyways, this is good career-wise, money-wise, computer-wise, and lot of other wises I can't think of. I really want to be a part of this and make my mark in Art Ed. Be praying about it. I know it will be competetive and challenging, but I know I'd be good at it. I'll keep ya posted!


Jaime said...

Rach that sounds so fantastic!! You would totally rock it! I am pulling for ya!!

Jamie said...

Much luck!

ABL said...

Sounds incredible. You will definitely be prayed for. When will you know something?

Elisa said...

I'm praying for you this morning.