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Monday, October 16, 2006

Being an art teacher

So I have now completed 9 weeks of teaching art. What an adventure it has been! Paint on the walls, paint on the kids, paint on everything! Kids swinging punches at you (and landing one from time to time). Crying kindergarteners. Surprise field trips and fire drills.

It may sound awful, but nothing could be further from the truth. I get to spend 7 hours every day with little ones who want to know how to create. It is so fullfilling to be able to give them that and watch them grow in their talent. I love being a teacher that everyone in the school knows. I love walking down the hall and hearing, "Hi Mrs. Varney!" 20 times. Of course I love all the other perks...no grading, no conferences, no testing. But mostly I love being able to share something I'm passionate about with the kids. It's so exciting to hear them talk about paintings by name or get excited to talk about a new piece we're studying. Just like sharing your love to read with a child, sharing your love of art just brings a smile to you face!

I've been very blessed to have an amazing art room. I have tiled floor, huge windows, a kiln, a storage closet and so much space! Here's some pics of where I spend my days. I hope you are all as lucky as I am...to love how you get to spend your time each day!


The Best Family said...

I am way impressed with your technology skills... super cute slideshow! You 2 just look so happy!

Jamie said...

Do you think your slide show could be any bigger? :-)

ABLewis said...

I just spent a long time watching all of the pics in your slideshow. So cute and very impressive...I may copy you, if Ricky ever gets home to show me how!

I love your classroom. Can I come make a mess there? That is about all I ever did in art classes.

Elisa said...

I bet you are a really fun teacher!