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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Fried stuff with Cheese

Racing pigs. Butter sculptures. African acrobats. All things fried. That's right folks, we went to the "BUM BA DA DUM!!!" (or as my dad would say, "TOO TA TOO!" STATE FAIR! Saturday I spent 8 hours with the Varney boys at the fair. Yep, not only Joe, but the brothers too, Jerry AND Andrew. **Which, incidentally, I realized today that I no longer think of myself as "Cass." I automatically think "Varney." Hmmmm.** The only time I've been to the fair before, we looked at the car show and rode one ride, ate a funnel cake and left. Well, this was different. We actually went to do all we could. Now, being the lone girl, I had to speak up if I wanted to do something other than sit in cars all day. So of course, I did! We started off with some food. I ate a gyro (one of my favs) and Joe tried out the chicken and waffles. Still an odd combo if you ask me. We also all had a taste of fried snickers. Melty, crunchy...not bad. After a tiresome hour looking at cars (of which most time I spent trying to figure out what would make a good, afordable family vehicle) we ended up at a football throwing game. The boys lined up to compete. Andrew beat the twins, much to their dismay and justifying rationales. It's always fun to watch them all together. They really enjoy being with eachother, especially when football is on the menu. Next we looked at giant catfish and other floating creatures and waited for the african acrobats. Wow. They were really incredible. This pic, for example, show them all piled up together...they just ran and jumped into position. NO kidding! It took less than 10 seconds to get this way! They limboed, did handsprings and jumproped, it was really impressive! One guy jumproped off his butt, one in a handstand, one in push-up position, and one did flips while jumping. Great fun! But I'm not done yet! We also went to see the butter sculpture. Now why anyone would want to carve something out of butter is beyond me, but someone carved Marilyn Monroe in butter for the fair. It doesnt' really look like her, but I guess butter is hard to manipulate? We went from there to meet Jamie and her gang of pals to watch the pig races. I really had no idea what to expect, but my pigs did pretty well! Arnold SNORTSnHOGGER didn't win, but Christina HOGulara and Snoop HOGgie HOG both came in first! We were only there for a few minutes with Jamie before we headed out to try Fried cosmopolitans (cheesecake with cranberry compote) and the infamous FRIED COKE. (Not all it was cracked up to be. Tasted like cake with coke poured on top. In reality? Batter FLAVORED with coke, friend, then coke syrup poured on top. Sounds gross, righ?) Well, here's what it looks like... From there we met up with our friends Jake and Tanya and watched the parade from KitchenCraft (the waterless cookware.) What IS waterless cookware? Don't know. If YOU know, please tell me! Corny dog dinner, lots of lemonade and a trip on the ferris wheel and we were ready to call it a day. 8 fun filled ours with friends and fried foods. We waved good-bye to Big Tex, and sipped on our hot cocoa as we walked to PP to get our car. By 9:30, Rachel was asleep on the couch. Guess you CAN have too much of a good thing. :)


Amanda said...

That sounds like a great day! I have never been to the state fair. I hope to go someday. I can't figure out how to make the slide show at the top. It is frustrating me.


Jaime said...

Well, since I did not get to go at least it looks like you had enough fun for the both of us!! Although, I am sure my stomach would have had something to say about all that fun!! I am laughing to myself picturing you walking around all day with all 3 Varney boys!! :)

Elisa said...

Wow, Mrs. Varney. That is what I call an experience. I'm especially impressed with the butter sculpture, but the pig races come in a close second.

The Best Family said...

how fun!! I have wanted to try fried coke! We have that waterless cookware, and it is really nice, but I would have never paid the $ for it. It was a xmas gift from the inlaws. I had never heard of it either, and evidently, I was expected to have a more excited reaction to it when I opened it up at Christmas time. It was just some pots and pans to me! But it has been really nice to have... cooks things with just a tiny bit of water, and in half the time. The lids have this seal thing where it traps the moisture in and makes it go faster somehow. ok... so that's my novel about cookware... not near as fun about your talk of the fair! :-)
ps-- I remember the first time someone called me "summer fowler" again after I had been Best for a while, and it sounded weird... that is fun that you feel like a "Varney" now... kinda like you have an official role as a wife!

Christina said...

I almost got suckered in to getting waterless cookware. Cory and did one of those things were you listen to some presentation and then get free vacations out of it. And the presentation was on teh cookware- except I remember it being like 1,000 dollars. Is that right?
Looks like the fair was a blast. I hope Christina Hogulara won!