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Monday, October 30, 2006

Halloween and game night

Joe and I got invited to a Halloween party on Monday night. It was for this past Saturday. Short notice? Yes. Party for the singles class? Yes. Well, we were excited to be remembered (even if it was an afterthought, as we found out later invites had been passed out the week before), and even MORE excited to go get costumes! We looked all week for the perfect things. I was a pirate and Joe was a vampire. But sadly, the afternoon before the party we found out it was a "costume optional" or "mask only" affair. WHAT???!? So we wore jeans and our top halves done up. Well, Joe was one of 2 guys dressed up. And girls? Only 4 of us. So sad. But all was not lost. We had a sweet set-up outside with a big tv and cushions all around. Even a fire pit in the middle of it all. The highlight was the scavenger hunt. (Think GATA secret social, or whatever it was called...remember the random things we had to get? 5 freshman dressed in red, etc?) Well, this one was a photo/video hunt. We had to do things like wrap a stranger in toilet paper and have them sing MONSTER MASH and take a photo of our group in a cemetary. Needless to say, my competetive nature took over and my team won by a landslide. :) It was so much fun! Now the return to the party started off fun, by watching the "slides" and video on the big tv and tallying scores. But we were not meant to stay long. One of those wacky things that rubbed off from Mel...I don't do scary movies. I get freaked out and still have nightmares. Not in every scary movie, but ones that might possibly be able to happen in real life? Yeah. I can't handle it. So I made Joe mad and made him leave 30 min. into Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I mean, who wants to watch that anyways? And again I had to explain that I can't help being scared and ask AGAIN, "why would you MAKE me watch a movie that you KNOW will freak me out? You know I won't be able to sleep tonight?" Men are so insensitive. :)
Then last night we were supposed to have game night part II. (Part I was HUGELY successful so we had high expectations.) Only one couple showed. So Jake and Tanya are now officially our only friends since everyone else ditched us at the last minute to watch Football. I told you that sport was no good. :)


Jamie said...

You can't schedule game night when the Cowboys are playing with a new QB! I love game nights, but I SO would have been watching the game, and I don't even live in Big D!

Halloween part sounds fun!

stephen b said...

I side with Joe. Don't be such a pansy.

Amanda said...

You are not a pansy. I understand. But, being married to an avid sports fan, I do kinda understand about the game night 2.

tanya said...

Its okay Rachel... I still love you! And I love football... but I'd take Dawson's Creek and you over sports any day!! <3

Rachel said...

Now don't go siding with football, people. Game night has been scheduled for 5th sundays for months. don't act like I'm trying to ruin football for the masses. And the point is, people said yes to game night and then just didn't show up. THAT'S the issue.