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Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Week Of Tears

Tears have become a regular part of my life, but this week was different. Had many different causes, and one that remains...
1. Saturday, 8:00pm
We were staying overnite with our two favorite little guys (the Dill boys) and it was story time right before bed. Connor asked me to read his new book "God Gave Me You." It's about a bear cub asking about when he was born. I was fine until the page that talked about when "we went to hear your heartbeat." Yeah...not great timing there.
2. Saturday 9:00opm
I was reading my chapter in "Little House on the Freeway" for class on Sunday and was recapping the info for Joe. As I talked about worry, hope, and relationships, I realized again what I have and what I still wish for.
3. Wednesday 8:00pm
Our class provided Christmas gifts for a needy family in our congregation. Last night we gave the wrapped packages to the mom and her 3 kiddos. To see those girls so wide-eyed and exicted HAS to bring a tear to your eye!
4. Thursday (today) 7:30am
On the way to work I listen to Kidd Kraddick. It was his annual "Breaking and Entering Christmas" where they break into someone's home and decorate, as well as provide insane amounts of money and gifts. This year it was a single dad with 4 kids under 14. He's an army man, served 7 years overseas, and after his last tour in Iraq came home to 4 kids and no job. He can't interview since he has 2 not of school age and has no way to pay daycare or babysitters. When they told him they were paying for 6 months of daycare and this tough army guy started crying, I almost had to pull over. That's a moving radio bit!
5. Thursday 1:00pm
Now, I'm almost embarrassed to admit this, but not really. :) My kids are talking about how they make animated movies this week and we have been looking at drawn, computer and stop action animation. Today we looked at "Polar Express" (incidentally my FAVORITE kids book ever!!). When we got to the part where the boy can't hear the bell and repeats "I Believe" over and over. And then Santa asks him what he said....When he tells Santa, "I believe. I believe. I believe," the tears started streaming. What's really funny is, we were watching it in Spanish! It was a billingual class!


Anonymous said...

My week of tears was week before last. I'm crying with you, my friend. Love you!

Rebecca said...

I shed a tear every morning as I listen to the KLTY Christmas Wish.