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Friday, October 05, 2007

Updates and Random Thoughts

It's been way too long since I posted! My life is officially crazy, so let me catch you up...

1. School is in full swing and I have found myself facilitating art inservice, writing even more curriculum, mentoring a new art teacher, not to mention teaching little ones all day long. Don't get me wrong...I still love it....just keeps me busy!
2. Joe and I are toying with the idea of leaving the metroplex. I have been unhappy with our church situation for a while now and am ready for a change. Being that it is Joe's childhood home church, it'd be easier to leave if we really LEAVE. It's also exciting to think of starting our life as a family somewhere new where we are the Varneys...not just Joe Varney and his wife.
3. Our church (while we're on the subject) just hired a new preacher. It was a quick turnaround (as we lost our preacher just this past July.) It's a big transition time for the congregation.
4. Everyone I know is getting married! We have showers all the time and are attending weddings non-stop! Joe has been in 2 already this year (one more next weekend) and I am in one in December (YAY MEL!) But we have been in attendance at countless mroe. Whew!
5. Summer is gone and my shows are back! Hooray! Do you watch the Office? It's been great the past 2 weeks! How bout 30 ROCK? Easily the funniest show on TV. Jamie's right on that one....you need to start watching it. Also, we are now hooked on Heroes....I love it!

That's the quick 411. Sorry for the long spurt with no bloggin! I'll try to be better!

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Melanie said...

Hi! Thanks so much for coming on Sunday! I was SO excited to see you and so glad that you are a part of all this fun and craziness (since you don't have enough of that in your own life right now!) What are doin on Friday evening this week? Love you!