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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

painting again

It's been a while since I got in a artistic frenzy. With painting, drawing and coloring all day every day, it has turned my relaxing art-time into work. But the past weekend, I have been in a frenzy! At the Ukraine garage sale I bought 6 chairs for $15. I decided to make a little profit and sell them to teachers at school as reading chairs, painted to order. (Ahh, remember that black and white set Jamie? Christina?)

In college I painted a table and 5 chairs in bright colors with black and white checks around the edges. CUTE! I sold the set to Chris when she got married and kept one chair for myself. (It still sits in my classroom and has been given the name "RAINBOW CHAIR." It has served me well for 6 years now!

When I was student teaching, I made one for my supervising teacher as well. Blue with stars all over it. But since then, haven't done a one. But this weekend, I did 2 and have orders for 3 more! Hooray! What a fun way to make a little extra cash! Let me show you what I did so far:

I think they are pretty cute! I LOVE the bumble bee one! I have orders for a pink leopard print, an aquatic, and a children 'round the world one. I am so excited to do these! What else would make a good kids' chair theme???


Jamie said...

How is it that you have time to paint chairs for teachers but not finish a painting of Venice for me? Traitor! Loved our table and chairs in college!

Rachel said...

yeah yeah yeah. painting a chair is fun. YOUR painting is serious WORK!

The Best Family said...

cute! My boys would love a camo theme!

Raina said...

I have TONS of ideas...fruits, candy, pets, jungle, race car, hot air balloon, fairies...Ok, I'll stop. Let me know if you need more ideas.