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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Jeremy's Big Night

I know it is odd to Blog about someone other than myself, that isn't even related to me, but thought some of my readers might be interested in this.
Those of you who know Jeremy Hailey, check out this link:
Click on JUNGLE BOOK on the homepage and see pics from Jeremy's big night.

If you don't know already, Jeremy is the arts and music man in smalltown Texas now and did a Disney-written musical of THE JUNGLE BOOK this past spring. Jamie and I wanted to go for his big debut, but it was on a Tuesday (how odd is that??) on the last week of school. I rarely hear from Jeremy, but have heard from him several times since the play about the response. His hard work paid off as the superintendent said, "It was the highlight of my educational career." Looks like the kids had fun and from what I hear, some reps from Disney even came to check it out. Wish we could've been there to show our support too!

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