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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Random Thoughts...

On the 19th, Joe and I celebrated our 1st anniversary. Can you believe that? A whole year has gone by! It's amazing how long a year sounds and how short it actually feels. We went to Santa Fe for a few days to celebrate and had a great time. We were greeted at the hotel with news we'd been upgraded to a suite, I had red calla lillies waiting by the bed from my hubbie (just like my wedding bouquet) and we spent 4 days eating awesome food, wandering thru art galleries, and relaxing. The most fun was going to a day spa for the morning to get massages and pedicures. I LOVE that stuff! We also got to see a pouring at the bronze foundry where they cast the ginormous bronze scupltures and watched a demonstration at a glass blowing gallery.
We even made it over to Albuquerque for the day and saw my brother and his new place. (He's been in ABQ for about 2 months now at a new youth ministry job.)

Random thought 2...can you believe it's christmas time already? I put up our tree on Friday (by myself) and had a ball looking at all my ornaments. My mom had the forsight, when we were little, to give us ornaments each year and we had our own box-full. So now as an adult, I have a ton of ornaments for my own tree. We also have a tradition in my family of collecting an ornament from every trip we go on. It's an easy souvenier that you won't lose or forget about, because it resurfaces, along with the memories of that trip, each year. I bought one for each town I saw in Europe, so I had fun looking thru those, and I already have 6 with my sweet husband, that have found a home right smack front and center on the tree.

Random thought 3...Joe and I are having a Biggest Loser contest with another married couple at church. We were due to have our first kick-off weigh-in tonight, but our pals had to cancel. So...a few more days before the crack-down on eating I guess. Joe and I both have a lot more to lose than our friends, but we're doing body weight percentage, so I guess it all evens out?? Altho I'm not looking forward to the months of hard work, I AM looking forward to losing the pounds and feeling better about my body. AND...I think competing adds enough pressure to give me the drive for it....let's hope. :)

Random thought 4...I told you about the curriculum writing job? Still no word. They keep delaying the hiring date. So I'll let you know IF I ever hear anything. :) In the meantime, I'm going to be trained in grant writing in March. I'm to be the grant writer for my school come '07-'08 school year. I'm excited about this because grant writing could be benefitial as a stay at home job, should I wish to do that later on when kids are in the picture. If I'm good at it, that is. We'll see!


Amanda said...

Great to see a new entry. Sounds like ya'll had an exciting couple of weeks. Happy late anniversary.

Elisa said...

1: Happy Anniversary! What a blessing. 2: I'm very glad about Christmas being here soon. We just have a miniature tree, but we've had Christmas music going non-stop since Thanksgiving. 3: Good luck! 4: The grant writing actually sounds interesting to me. It would be neat if that turned into an at home job. Hope you're having a good week!