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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

the serial killer

So I was deep in sleep last night and this was what happened in my dream....
Joe and I are sitting on the couch, laughing about something when the phone rings. It's my Mom. She starts talking about this serial killer that the police can't find. (Like I know what she's talking about???) I say, "Mom, what?" She says, "You haven't seen this on the news? There's a serial killer in Albuquerque and they don't know where to even start looking for him!" I reply, "Well, Matt better get outta there!" "Well, that's why we called. Matt's gone on to a better place." "WHAT?!?!?!"

Yeah, I had a dream that my brother got killed by a serial killer and my Mom calmly called to tell me. What in the world? The longer the dream went on, the more I was thinking about what may have happened to him. Why him? Was he alone? Was it quick? Was he tortured first? Finally I woke up, relieved to find reality a different circumstance. I called Matt to tell him, and he just laughed.

Isn't it wild what your mind can do to you?


Amanda said...

My brother had a recurrent dream for years. He dreamed that I was being chased by a big man with a knife and my brother chased after him. He said he would dream it over and over some nights. FREAKY!!

Jamie said...

I thought your dream was going to be that Matt WAS the serial killer. I hope you don't keep having this same dream.

ABLewis said...

CREEPY! Dreams are such strange things. I had especially wierd ones while I was pregnant with KJ...Mel even had one wierd one about the baby in my belly. You should get her to tell you about it- WIERD.

How does you mind do that?


The Best Family said...

I hate bad dreams.... I have them about my kids sometimes, and it is hard to get the thoughts out of my mind the next day! Glad Matt is ok!