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Monday, December 04, 2006

I love YouTube

Ever spend a few hours looking at this site? Videos from Perfect Strangers, to last night's Conan are to be found if you have the time to look. Here's a couple you HAVE to see...

(Thanks, Jamie) This one has JD and Turk singing about their "guy love" on Scrubs. It's AWESOME!

Love The Office, like me? Watch Ed Helms sing "Rainbow Connection" and play the banjo. It cracks me up!!!

Ted's band complilation from Scrubs...

If you missed Ed Helms on Conan on Friday, watch him here. It's long, but worth it to hear him sing words to Yanni songs about unicorns. :)

In other news...Don't you think we look good with children? I've got the baby fever, but Joe is grounding us and making sure that we wait until our 2 year anniversary to start trying. I really want one!!!

OH! Joe talked buisness with my dad this weekend and Dad is going to help him try to get in with a city up here in HR. (He has lots of connections) Pray this works out for us. Joe is really excited about the opportunity and we are trying to make a career change before the afore mentioned babies. :)

OH again! We were in Lubbock cuz my dad became an elder yesterday. Yay Dad!


The Best Family said...

you 2 are going to have some stinkin cute little babies!! But waiting until your 2-year anniversary is wise, I think from experience! It will be nice to have some time to yourselves first! :-)

Amanda said...

Baby fever huh? I understand that!