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Thursday, June 17, 2010

My days are running together

How does time go so quickly? My boy is almost 3 months old and my days are all one big blur now! We are having lots of fun rolling over, razzing, standing with some help, laughing and smiling at Momma and sitting in our bumbo seat.
Zeke's favorite toy is Mr.Monkey on his play mat. He grabs his tail and swings him around and hugs him. he also like to hug and chew on his handmade burpcloths to soothe himself. He's become very drooly and makes us wonder if he's gonna be an early teether. We are working on giving him a feeding on a bottle every day to prepare for when Momma goes back to work, but we are failing miserabley.
We've started running at night and take Zeke in our new jogging stroller. We all 3 love it! It plays music and has great shocks, so Zeke isn't bouncing out all the time. Zeke's a real trouper and goes to parties, restaraunts and shopping with Momma and Daddy all the time. He loves being passed around and admired by everyone and only cries when he's really tired or hungry.
We are having so much fun watching him develop his personality and I know Daddy is ready for him to be big enough to really play with. We are enjoying nights of good sleep since he began sleeping through the night (at 2 months people...that ROCKS!) He's just a great baby and keeps us busy but happy every day!

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Wendy said...

Seriously, he is a BEAUTIFUL baby!